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5,000 Word Dissertation SN3108 Module
8,000 Word Dissertation In Hispanic Studies SN3113 Module
Andalusia, Deep Song And Writing The Exotic Other SN2114 Module
Comparative Hispanic Culture SN1109 Module
Conflict in 20th-century Latin American Literature and Culture SN3119 Module
Constructing Identity in Contemporary Spanish Film SN2013 Module
Contemporary Mexican Cinema SN3111 Module
Culture & Society In Modern Spain SN1103 Module
Culture And Identity In Latin America SN1105 Module
Culture And Society In Golden Age Spain I SN3116 Module
Devotion, Deceit, Desire: Literature of the Spanish Golden Age SN3121 Module
Horror Cinema in the Hispanic World SN3122 Module
Intensive Spanish Beginners I SN1010 Module
Intensive Spanish Beginners II SN2010 Module
Introduction To Translation From Spanish To English SN1002 Module
Myths of the Feminine in the Spanish Novel SN2109 Module
Passion and Betrayal on the Spanish Stage SN1101 Module
Postmodernism And Sexuality In Spanish Literature And Film SN3103 Module
Principles And Practice Of Translation (English Into Spanish) SN2012 Module
Principles And Practice Of Translation (Spanish Into English) SN2011 Module
Re-Mapping the Amexicano Border in Visual Culture SN1106 Module
Rebels, Revolution & Representation in Latin America SN2122 Module
Religion and Society in the 16th- and 17th-century Hispanic World SN2118 Module
Seducing The Nation: Spanish Cinema 1940s To 1980s SN3118 Module
Short Fiction By Women In Post-Civil War Spain SN3109 Module
Spanish American Literature: An Overview SN3112 Module
Spanish I SN1001 Module
Spanish II SN2001 Module
Spanish III SN3001 Module
Spanish Through Texts SN1100 Module
Text And Image In The Hispanic World SN1102 Module
The Romancero: The Spanish Ballad Tradition from the Reconquista to Lorca SN2121 Module
Twentieth Century Mexican Visual Arts And Film SN2113 Module
Visualising Cuba: Text, Image and Representation SN1119 Module
Work Placement Report SN2201 Module
Work Placement Report SN2202 Module
Advanced Spanish Translation: Skills and Practice SN2400 Module
Intensive Spanish 1 SN1601 Module
Intensive Spanish 1 SN1602 Module
Spanish I SN1702 Module
Spanish I SN1701 Module
Spanish III SN3002 Module
Spanish Language: Culture and Translation SN1400 Module

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