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Death, Desire, Decline: Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka GM2122 Module
Doubles, Devils, and Deadly Spiders:19th-century German Gothic Literature GM3130 Module
Dream Factories: Recent German Film GM3132 Module
Fathers and Daughters: Family Dramas GM2121 Module
Gender in Post-War German-Language Literature and Culture GM3128 Module
German Dissertation GM3129 Module
German History and Culture GM1122 Module
German Language I GM1009 Module
German Language II GM2009 Module
German Language III GM3009 Module
German Romanticism: Aesthetics, Science And Literature GM3123 Module
Goethe GM3119 Module
History & Politics As Reflected In German Cinema 1930s-90s GM2115 Module
History And Historiography Of The Holocaust GM5935 Module
Intensive German for Beginners GM1010 Module
Intensive German for Beginners II GM2010 Module
Introduction to German Studies GM1120 Module
Love and Marriage in Major Novels by Theodor Fontane GM2123 Module
Milestones in German Literature GM1121 Module
Modern Germany: History And Society GM1113 Module
Narrative and Identity GM3131 Module
Racism & Anti-Semitism In Germany GM3111 Module
Representations of Childhood and Youth in Modern German Culture GM2124 Module
The GDR And Its Legacy: Literary Responses From Socialist Realism To Ostalgie GM3124 Module
Truth, Language, Subjectivity & Art: Key Questions in the Humanities GM1112 Module
Work Placement Report GM2201 Module
Work Placement Report GM2202 Module
Advanced German Translation: Skills and Practice GM2400 Module
Dark Tales. E.T.A. Hoffmann and German Romanticism GM3133 Module
German Language: Culture and Translation GM1400 Module
National Socialism and the Third Reich in German film and visual culture from 1933 to the present GM3134 Module

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