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Accounting MN1405 Module
Accounting for Corporate Accountability MN3245 Module
Accounting For Management MN1041 Module
Accounting for Sustainability MN3715 Module
Advertising & Promotional Communication MN5104 Module
Advertising and Promotion for Brand Marketing MN3455 Module
Arts Marketing MN5056 Module
Asia Pacific Business MN2155 Module
Asia Pacific Multinationals in Europe MN3215 Module
Brands & Branding MN3315 Module
Brands and Branding MN5055 Module
Business Analysis & Decision Making MN1015 Module
Business Consultancy MN5142 Module
Business Consultancy Project MN5192 Module
Business Data Analytics MN3515 Module
Business Economics MN5141 Module
Business Economics MN5118 Module
Business Ethics MN5214 Module
Business Ethics and Enterprise MN5571 Module
Business in Society MN2815 Module
Business Statistics MN1025 Module
Business to Business Marketing MN5060 Module
Business, Sustainability and Society MN3481 Module
China and the International Economy MN5815 Module
Clusters, Small Business and International Competition MN3495 Module
Comparative International Accounting MN5907 Module
Consumer Behaviour MN3055 Module
Consumers & Brands MN5071 Module
Consumption Research Methods MN5074 Module
Consumption, Markets and Cultures MN5067 Module
Contemporary Issues in International Management MN3405 Module
Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Research MN5052 Module
Corporate Entrepreneurship MN5562 Module
Corporate Entrepreneurship MN3625 Module
Corporate Governance MN3725 Module
Corporate Governance MN5435 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility - Conceptual Foundations MN5300 Module
Creative Accounting and Impression Management MN5904 Module
Creativity and Problem Solving MN2515 Module
Crossing Cultures - International Study Visit MN5139 Module
Digital Innovation Management MN3525 Module
Digital Marketing MN2325 Module
Digital Media Marketing MN5216 Module
Digital Media Marketing MN5063 Module
Dissertation MN5251 Module
Dissertation MN3311 Module
Dissertation (International Accounting) MN5906 Module
Dissertation (MSc Entrepreneurship) MN5567 Module
Dissertation (MSc International Human Resource Management) MN5706 Module
Dissertation (MSc Leadership and Management in Health) MN5935 Module
Dissertation Preparation and Research Methods MN5415 Module
E-commerce: Putting Business on the Web MN3555 Module
Economic and Social Foundations for Sustainable Organisations MN1125 Module
Economic Development in the Asia Pacific MN5805 Module
Emerging Markets MN3205 Module
Employability MN2915 Module
Entrepreneurial Finance MN5568 Module
Entrepreneurial Marketing MN5569 Module
Entrepreneurship Theory and History MN3615 Module
European Business MN3225 Module
European Business Environment MN5511 Module
European Business Strategy MN5521 Module
European Employment Relations MN5708 Module
Financial Analysis and Markets MN5135 Module
Financial Management MN2415 Module
Financial Resource Management and Information MN5931 Module
Foundations of Management and Organisational Analysis MN5320 Module
Foundations of Professional Development MN5134 Module
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship MN2615 Module
Global Business Strategy MN5455 Module
Global Leadership: Theory and Practice MN2215 Module
Global Marketing MN3325 Module
Globalisation and Employment Relations MN5704 Module
Health Management in an International Context MN5932 Module
Human Resource Management MN2071 Module
Human Resource Management MN2705 Module
Human Resources in the Asia Pacific MN5825 Module
Independent Research Paper MN5252 Module
Individual Business Project MN5140 Module
Information Systems MN1505 Module
Information, Communication and Society MN2525 Module
Innovation MN5570 Module
Innovation, Strategy and the Corporation MN3655 Module
Integrating Management Practice 1: Business in Context MN3915 Module
International Accounting & Finance MN5111 Module
International Accounting & Finance MN5119 Module
International and Comparative Employment Law MN5705 Module
International and Comparative Entrepreneurship MN5565 Module
International Business MN1205 Module
International Business Analysis MN5201 Module
International Business Law MN5211 Module
International Business Research Methods MN5260 Module
International Business Research Methods MN5270 Module
International Business Research Methods MN5280 Module
International Business Strategy MN5151 Module
International Co-operative Strategy MN5105 Module
International Corporate Finance MN5108 Module
International Entrepeneurship MN5193 Module
International Financial Accounting MN5901 Module
International Financial Accounting MN3045 Module
International Human Resource Management MN3271 Module
International Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour MN5131 Module
International Human Resources Management MN5132 Module
International Information Systems MN5123 Module
International Investment Management MN5107 Module
International Management Accounting MN5902 Module
International Marketing MN5113 Module
International Marketing MN5101 Module
International Operations Management MN5122 Module
International Perspectives on Corporate Governance MN5215 Module
International Public Sector Management MN5765 Module
International Strategy MN5114 Module
International Sustainability Management MN5281 Module
Interpreting Management MN1115 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship MN5566 Module
Knowledge Management MN5109 Module
Leadership & Behaviour in Organisations MN5133 Module
Leading People in Organisational Change MN5933 Module
MA Consumption, Culture and Marketing MN5059 Module
Management & The Modern Corporation MN1001 Module
Management and Environmental Sustainability MN2805 Module
Management Communication Skills MN1055 Module
Management Dissertation MN5076 Module
Management Information Systems MN2021 Module
Management of Asia Pacific Multinationals MN5835 Module
Managerial Accounting MN2405 Module
Managerial Economics MN2425 Module
Managing Across Borders: Contemporary Challenges MN5703 Module
Managing beyond profit MN3501 Module
Managing Organisational Change MN2725 Module
Managing Organisational Change MN3285 Module
Managing Service Delivery MN5934 Module
Marketing Across Cultures MN5061 Module
Marketing Communications MN5064 Module
Marketing Ethics MN5057 Module
Marketing Ethics and Society MN3755 Module
Marketing Management MN2061 Module
Marketing Research MN2315 Module
Marketing Research MN3035 Module
Marketing Research MN5115 Module
Marketing Strategy in Context MN2305 Module
Marketing- a Critical Introduction MN5051 Module
Markets and Consumption MN1305 Module
Modern Business In Comparative Perspective MN3305 Module
Motivation and Performance MN2715 Module
Msc Sustainability And Management Dissertation MN5481 Module
Multinational Enterprise MN3145 Module
Multinational Enterprise & The Global Economy MN5191 Module
New Venture Creation MN2301 Module
New Venture Creation MN2605 Module
Not-For-Proftit & Public Sector MN5062 Module
Operations Management MN2505 Module
Organisation Studies MN1705 Module
Organisational learning, knowledge and innovation MN5072 Module
People, Leadership and Organisations MN5138 Module
Personal Development Portfolio MN5116 Module
Production & Operations Management MN2031 Module
Professional Business Skills MN5117 Module
Project Management MN3545 Module
Project Management MN3321 Module
Quantitative Methods MN1105 Module
Quantitative Research Methods (Marketing) MN5050 Module
Reflexivity, Study and Transferable Skills for Employment MN1075 Module
Research Dissertation (MA Asia Pacific Business) MN5841 Module
Research Methods MN5073 Module
Research Project MN5241 Module
Responsible Entrepreneurship MN5564 Module
Responsible Entrepreneurship MN3745 Module
Services Marketing MN5054 Module
Small Business Management and Growth MN3605 Module
Sports Marketing MN5058 Module
Strategic Finance MN3365 Module
Strategic International Human Resource Management MN5707 Module
Strategic Issues in Asia Pacific Business MN5865 Module
Strategic Management MN2205 Module
Strategic Management MN2201 Module
Strategic Management Accounting MN3345 Module
Strategies for the Information Age MN3425 Module
Strategy, Technology and Operations in a Globalising World MN5137 Module
Sustainability and Accounting MN5903 Module
Technology Entrepreneurship MN5563 Module
The Global Economy MN2165 Module
The Globalisation of Work MN3265 Module
The Individual At Work MN3295 Module
The Philosophy of Management MN5102 Module
Year in Business Project MN5143 Module
Advertising and Promotion MN3456 Module
Advertising in a Digital Era MN5617 Module
Applied Digital Research Skills MN5618 Module
Business Information Systems for Accounting and Finance MN2545 Module
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics MN5801 Module
Business Process Applications MN3535 Module
Business Research Methods MN5020 Module
Business Simulation MN3010 Module
Circular Economy and Sustainable Supply Chains MN5027 Module
Comparative Human Resource Management MN5709 Module
Consultancy in the Digital Era MN5802 Module
Consumers and Markets MN5136 Module
Critical Issues in Digital Society MN5804 Module
Design Thinking MN5614 Module
Digital Brand Storytelling MN5615 Module
Digital Business and Innovation MN5803 Module
Digital Consumer and Online Culture MN5616 Module
Dissertation Preparation and Research Methods MN5445 Module
Emerging Markets MN3206K Module
Family and Small Business Management MN5573 Module
Financial Statement Analysis MN5911 Module
Foundations of Financial Management MN5908 Module
Global Challenges to Human Resource Management MN3272 Module
Global Economy MN2166K Module
Global Logistics and Transport MN5023 Module
Global Marketing MN3326K Module
hilosophy of Methods for Management Research MN6035 Module
Information and Operations Management MN5336 Module
International Supply Chain Management MN5022 Module
International Accounting and Finance MN5332 Module
International Financial Markets MN5910 Module
International Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour MN5334 Module
International Strategy and Entrepreneurship MN5333 Module
Introduction to Digital Marketing MN5612 Module
Introduction to Marketing Concepts MN5081 Module
Leadership and Innovation MN3925 Module
Leading Online Collaboration MN5808 Module
Marketing Research MN2316K Module
Modern Business In Comparative Perspective MN3301 Module
Multinational Enterprise MN2226K Module
Multinational Enterprise MN2225 Module
Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Work MN5702 Module
Principles of Business Management and Economic MN5331 Module
Principles of Human Resource Management MN5710 Module
Project Management MN2126 Module
Project Work for Managers (I): Integrated Marketing Communications MN5347 Module
Project Work for Managers (II): Business Research Skills MN5338 Module
Project Work for Managers (III): Independent Report MN5339 Module
Project Work for Managers III: Marketing Planning Report MN5349 Module
Project Work for Managers, Part 1 - Sustainability & Societies MN5337 Module
Qualitative Research Methods MN5410 Module
Qualitative Research Methods for Doctoral Students MN6015 Module
Quantitative Research Methods for Doctoral Students MN6025 Module
Research Methods for Accounting and Financial Management MN5912 Module
Research Methods for Digital Management MN5456 Module
Search and Metrics MN5613 Module
Social Media and Digital Platforms MN5809 Module
Social Media, Networks, and Business MN3536 Module
Strategic Management MN2206K Module
Topics in Finance and Investment Management MN5909 Module
Venture Creation and Financial Planning MN5561 Module

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