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Adjustment and Well-Being PS5206 Module
Adult Psychological Problems PS3110 Module
Advanced and applied research techniques PS5204 Module
Advanced And Applied Social Psychology PS3090 Module
Advanced Developmental Psychology PS3041 Module
Biological Foundations of Psychology PS1060 Module
Brain & Behaviour PS2061 Module
Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience PS3141 Module
Clinical Assessment and Treatment Approaches PS5306 Module
Clinical Dissertation PS5305 Module
Cognitive Psychology PS2021 Module
Cognitive, Social and Neuroscience Approaches to Forensic Investigations PS5303 Module
Conceptual Issues In Psychology PS2080 Module
Consciousness and cognition PS3060 Module
Criminal and Forensic Psychology PS3181 Module
Developmental Disorders PS3121 Module
Developmental Psychology PS2040 Module
Dissertation PS3210 Module
Educational Psychology PS3190 Module
Gender & Psychology PS3160 Module
Health Psychology PS3050 Module
Human Neuropsychology PS3131 Module
Human Performance: Work, Sport and Medicine PS3171 Module
Intergroup and interpersonal processes PS5202 Module
Introduction To Abnormal Psychology PS1110 Module
Introduction to Psychological Research PS1010 Module
Language, Communication, and Thought PS3022 Module
Learning & Memory PS1021 Module
Lifespan Development PS1040 Module
Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience PS3031 Module
Occupational and Organisational Psychology PS3151 Module
Personality and Individual Differences PS2050 Module
Placement PS3000P Module
Placement: Clinical Psychology PS5304 Module
Professional Clinical Practice and Skills PS5307 Module
Project PS3200 Module
Psychological Research Methods and Analysis PS2010 Module
Psychology in Applied Settings PS5201 Module
Psychology of Language PS3021 Module
Real World Quantitative Techniques PS3192 Module
Research Project (Applied Social Psychology) PS5205 Module
Self and Society PS1030 Module
Sensation And Perception PS1061 Module
Social Identity in Organisations PS5203 Module
Social Psychology PS2030 Module
Statistics for Research PS5302 Module
The Ageing Brain PS3061 Module
The Social Brain PS3191 Module
Topics in Psychological Science PS5301 Module
Advanced Statistics PS3193 Module
Applied Neuroscience PS5208 Module
Fieldwork Methods PR5955 Module
How to be a psychologist PS1070 Module
Neuroscience of Emotion and Decision Making PS4207 Module
Neuroscience of Emotion and Decision Making PS5207 Module
Psychology of Brain Injury PS3230 Module
Psychology of Love, Death and Meaning PS3240 Module
Understanding Perception and Cognition PS1080 Module

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