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Advanced Readings in Global Studies PR3660 Module
Advanced Seminar and Dissertation in Politics, Philosophy and Economics PE3000 Module
Africa and International Politics PR5925 Module
American Political Development PR3890 Module
Analysing International Politics PR5432 Module
Biopolitics and Security PR5926 Module
China in the World PR5913 Module
Chinese Foreign and Security Policy PR3800 Module
Classic Readings in Politics and International Relations PR1520 Module
Comparative Democracy PR3611 Module
Comparative Democracy and Elections PR3610 Module
Comparative Democracy in Europe and Beyond PR5428 Module
Comparative European Politics and Institutions PR2420 Module
Comparative Foreign Policy PR3670 Module
Comparative Political Executives PR5918 Module
Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Middle East PR5929 Module
Conflict and Law in the International System PR3901 Module
Contemporary Continental Political Theory PR5418 Module
Contemporary Middle East Politics PR3601 Module
Contemporary Middle East Politics PR3600 Module
Contemporary Political Theory PR2490 Module
Culture And Community PR5426 Module
Culture and Politics in Africa PR5947 Module
Defence in the post-Cold War World PR3770 Module
Defence in the post-Cold War World PR3771 Module
Democracy and Authoritarianism: the Politics of India and Pakistan PR3491 Module
Democracy In Britain PR2480 Module
Empire and Decolonisation PR2520 Module
European Union Politics PR5950 Module
Foreign Policy Of The European Union PR5805 Module
Foundations of Contemporary Political Theory PR5920 Module
Gendered Communities: Women and Nationalism in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia PR3700 Module
Global Crime PR3820 Module
Global Politics and Religion PR5946 Module
Human Rights PR5916 Module
Identity, Power and Radical Political Theory PR5445 Module
International Organisations PR2580 Module
International Political Economy PR2500 Module
International Public Policy PR5948 Module
International Relations Theory PR2440 Module
Internet and New Media Politics PR5424 Module
Introduction to Global Studies PR2450 Module
Introduction To International Relations PR1500 Module
Introduction to Political Communication PR2600 Module
Introduction To Politics & Government PR1400 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Politics and IR PR5921 Module
Introduction to research methods in politics and international relations PR1600 Module
Issues in Democratic Theory PR3630 Module
Issues in United States Foreign Policy PR5908 Module
Media, Power and Public Affairs PR5422 Module
Modern Political Theory PR2560 Module
Nationalism PR5917 Module
Non-State Violence as a Challenge to Security PR5939 Module
Non-State Violence, Civil War and Security PR3850 Module
Non-State Violence: Civil War and Security PR3851 Module
Political Behaviour PR2540 Module
Political Concepts PR5416 Module
Political Sociology PR3150 Module
Political Violence PR5927 Module
Politics in Action PR3100 Module
Politics of Democracy PR5427 Module
Politics Of Globalisation PR5902 Module
Politics of Inequality PR5953 Module
Radical Political Theory PR3540 Module
Radical Political Theory: Nietzsche and Foucault PR3541 Module
Refugees and Migration in World Politics PR3880 Module
Research Design in PIR PR5919 Module
Resistance to Global Governance PR3750 Module
Revolutions and Rebellion in International Politics PR5945 Module
Risk, Security and Liberal Governance PR5932 Module
Social Justice : From Theory to Practice PR3570 Module
Social Media and Politics PR5938 Module
Sovereignty, Rights and Justice PR5911 Module
Statecraft and Diplomacy PR3830 Module
Terrorism and Counterterrorism PR5934 Module
Terrorism and Counterterrorism PR3840 Module
The Armed Forces and Society PR5940 Module
The British in India: a Social and Political History PR3550 Module
The Critical Study of Global Environmental Politics PR5930 Module
The European Union Budget, Revenue and Spending PR5951 Module
The Making of Modern South Asia PR3690 Module
The Politics of Africa PR3760 Module
The Politics of Ethnic Multiculturalism PR5915 Module
The Politics of Human Rights PR2590 Module
The Politics of Migration and Ethnicity PR2510 Module
The Politics of Modern Germany PR3530 Module
The Politics Of The Internet And The Information Society PR3520 Module
The Politics of Toleration PR3560 Module
Theories and Qualitative Approaches in Politics and International Relations PR5923 Module
Theories Of Globalisation PR5901 Module
Thinking Security: The Theory, Politics and Practice of Security PR3780 Module
Transnational Security Studies PR5924 Module
Transnational Security Studies PR3740 Module
Understanding China's rise: domestic politics and foreign policy PR3860 Module
Understanding Defence PR5937 Module
US Foreign Policy PR3620 Module
Visual Politics PR3810 Module
War and its Aftermath PR3790 Module
War and Security in World Politics PR2550 Module
Young People's politics PR3680 Module
Advanced Seminar in British Politics PR3710 Module
Advanced Seminar in British Politics PR3730 Module
Advanced Seminar in British Politics PR3720 Module
Comparative Political Leadership PR3190 Module
Contemporary Anglo-American Political Theory PR5936 Module
Defence and Security Governance PR3430 Module
Democracy and Citizenship in Europe PR5914 Module
Development Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa PR5957 Module
DPG Dissertation PR5430 Module
Elections and Campaigns PR5944 Module
Empiricism and Rationalism PY2202 Module
Ethnic Politics and Ethnic Conflict PR3633 Module
Freedom of Expression: Concepts and Controversies PR3107 Module
Gender and Armed Conflict PR3968 Module
Gender and Political Representation PR3965 Module
Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention PR5960 Module
Global Energy Policy PR3940 Module
Global Environmental Politics PR3634 Module
Global Food Security: Feeding the World in the Era of Climate Change and Growing Population PR3962 Module
Global Health Policy PR3950 Module
Global Politics of Food Security PR5962 Module
Governing Through the Media PR5964 Module
Government and Politics of the United States PR2410 Module
Hellenistic Philosophy PY3218 Module
Hellenistic Philosophy PY2218 Module
International Policy Practice PR5961 Module
International Relations Dissertation PR5807 Module
Introduction to European Philosophy 1: From Kant to Hegel PY2001 Module
Introduction to Research Methods in Politics and International Relations PR1000 Module
Issues in Democratic Theory PR3930 Module
Latin American Politics PR3108 Module
Major Thinker PY2222 Module
Media, War and Conflict PR5907 Module
Metaphysics PY3228 Module
Metaphysics PY2228 Module
Military Change PR3440 Module
Parliamentary Studies PR3103 Module
Parties, Media and Defence of Democracy PR5965 Module
Political Economy of Development PR5952 Module
Political Economy of Development PR3300 Module
Political Economy of the Middle East PR5954 Module
Political Leaders and Democratic Politics PR5956 Module
Political Psychology PR5637 Module
Political Theories of Freedom PR3105 Module
Politics Outside the West PR2460 Module
Power and Money in the European Union PR3106 Module
Public Opinion PR5942 Module
Researching Politics and International Relations PR5949 Module
Researching Politics and International Relations: Analysis, Design and Practice PR2000 Module
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Global Perspective PR5450 Module
The Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe PR3910 Module
Theories of Freedom and Democracy PR3920 Module
Why and How People Vote PR3631 Module

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