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Advanced Classical Physics PH3130 Module
Astronomy PH2900 Module
Atomic & Nuclear Physics PH2510 Module
C++ and Object Oriented Programming PH3170 Module
Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics PH2610 Module
Classical Matter PH1620 Module
Classical Mechanics PH1320 Module
Computer Simulation in Condensed Matter PH4477 Module
Electromagnetic Theory PH3420 Module
Electromagnetism PH2420 Module
Energy PH3040 Module
Experimental Design PH3180 Module
Experimental Or Theoretical Project PH3110 Module
Fields and Waves PH1420 Module
Frontiers of Metrology PH3810 Module
Further Mathematical Methods PH3150 Module
General Relativity & Cosmology PH3910 Module
Major Project PH4100 Module
Mathematical Methods PH2130 Module
Mathematics For Scientists 1 PH1110 Module
Mathematics For Scientists 2 PH1120 Module
Metals and Semiconductors PH3710 Module
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance PH4512 Module
Optics PH2310 Module
Particle Accelerator Physics PH4450 Module
Particle Astrophysics PH3930 Module
Particle Detectors and Accelerators PH2520 Module
Particle Physics PH3520 Module
Physics at the Nanoscale PH4475 Module
Physics In The Classroom PH3090 Module
Physics of the Universe PH1920 Module
Quantum Mechanics PH2210 Module
Quantum Mechanics of Electronic Circuits PH4428 Module
Quantum Theory PH3210 Module
Research Review PH4110 Module
Scientific Computing Skills PH2150 Module
Scientific Skills 1 PH1140 Module
Scientific Skills 2 PH1150 Module
Scientific Skills For MSci PH3010 Module
Statistical Data Analysis PH4515 Module
Statistical Mechanics PH4211 Module
Stellar Astrophysics PH3920 Module
Superconductivity and Magnetism PH3730 Module
Superfluids, Condensates And Superconductors PH4478 Module
The Solid State PH2710 Module
Advanced Classical Physics PH4130 Module
Astronomy PH3900 Module
C++ and Object Oriented Programming PH4170 Module
Further Mathematical Methods PH4150 Module
Particle Accelerator Physics PH5450 Module
PH3530: Particle Detectors and Accelerators PH3530 Module
Physics at the Nanoscale PH5475 Module
Statistical Mechanics PH5211 Module

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