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A Very Short History of Music MU1114 Module
Analysing Western Art Music MU2201 Module
Baroque Performance Practice MU2330 Module
Britten's Operas MU3422 Module
Choral Conducting MU2326 Module
Claude Debussy and French Musical Aesthetics MU3259 Module
Composing with Technology 1 MU2335 Module
Composing with Technology 2 MU3417 Module
Contemporary Debates in Music MU1117 Module
Creative Ensemble Performance MU1119 Module
Documenting Performance MU5551 Module
Editing and Notation of Early Music MU2328 Module
Elgar's Choral And Orchestral Music, 1899-1919 MU2312 Module
Ensemble Performance MU2211 Module
Ensemble Performance in World Music: Andean Band MU2323 Module
Ensemble Performance in World Musics: Gamelan MU2310 Module
From Rumba to Reggaeton: Latin American popular music in transnational perspective MU3421 Module
German Music Between The Wars (1919-1939) MU2285 Module
Historical Musicology 1 MU5510 Module
Historical Musicology 2 MU5515 Module
History of Music II MU2202 Module
History Of Orchestration MU2250 Module
Ideas of German music, 1750-2000 MU3413 Module
Intercultural Performance: Theory and Practice MU2333 Module
Introduction to Historical Musicology MU1115 Module
Introduction to Jazz: theory, practice and contexts MU2338 Module
Introduction to World Music MU1116 Module
Issues in Popular Music MU2291 Module
Issues in Popular Music MU5591 Module
Issues in Sound, Music And The Moving Image MU2304 Module
Italian Opera from Rossini to Puccini MU3425 Module
J. S. Bach: Context and Reception MU2321 Module
Monteverdi in Mantua MU2264 Module
Mozart's Operas MU2253 Module
Music and Gender MU3424 Module
Music and Management MU5592 Module
Music and Orientalism MU3409 Module
Music and Politics in Tudor England MU3408 Module
Music and Society in Purcell's London MU3400 Module
Music In 1920s Paris MU2317 Module
Music in the City MU2322 Module
Music of the Americas: Politics, Indigeneity and Performance MU5552 Module
Music Of The Mediterranean: Oral Traditions MU2308 Module
Music since 1900: Theory And Repertoire MU5541 Module
Music, Environment and Ecology MU3411 Module
Music, power and politics MU3412 Module
Musical Aesthetics MU2230 Module
Musical Culture And Society In Paris, 1828-1902 MU3397 Module
Musics of China MU2334 Module
Orchestral Conducting MU2342 Module
Orchestral Performance MU2343 Module
Performance in the Context of Recording MU3420 Module
Popular Music and Musicians in Post-War Britain and North America MU2339 Module
Practical & Creative Orchestration MU2251 Module
Practical Musicianship MU1111 Module
Practical Performance I MU2205 Module
Practical Performance II MU3407 Module
Short Recital MU5535 Module
Sibelius and the Music of Northern Europe MU2318 Module
Skills in Advanced Musical Studies MU5500 Module
Slient Film Performance MU3418 Module
Solo Performance MU1118 Module
Solo Performance MU2210 Module
Sounds and Cultures in East Asia MU2337 Module
Special Study: Composition MU3394 Module
Special Study: Dissertation MU3391 Module
Special Study: Dissertation MU5599 Module
Special Study: Performance MU5539 Module
Special Study: Solo Performance MU3393 Module
Special Study: Theory & Analysis MU3392 Module
Studies in Composition MU2001 Module
Studies in Ethnomusicology MU2003 Module
Studies in Music History MU2002 Module
Studies in Music, Media and Technology MU2004 Module
Studies in Musical Analysis MU2000 Module
Studies in Musical sources, 850 - 1450 MU5516 Module
Techniques in Ethnomusicology MU5550 Module
Techniques in Performance Studies 1 MU5530 Module
Techniques in Theory & Analysis 1 MU5520 Module
The Art and Craft of 18th-Century Composition MU2325 Module
The Music-Film MU2315 Module
The Notation of Medieval Song MU3423 Module
The Symphonies of Anton Bruckner: Context, Development, Reception MU3416 Module
The ‘Classical’ Canon and ‘Popular' Culture since 1945 MU3419 Module
Theory and Analysis MU1110 Module
Topics in Multimedia and Film Music MU5570 Module
Topics in World Music MU5555 Module
Traditional Music Of The Andes MU2301 Module
Wagner's Ring 1848-76 MU2286 Module
'Orchestras' Around the World MU3353 Module
'Orchestras' Around the World MU2353 Module
Adorno’s Philosophy of Music MU3666 Module
Adorno’s Philosophy of Music MU2666 Module
Claude Debussy and French Musical Aesthetics MU2259 Module
Composition Portfolio MU2213 Module
Contemporary Music Performance MU2240 Module
Contemporary Music Performance MU3240 Module
Creative Composition Techniques MU1112 Module
Ensemble Performance MU3211 Module
Korean Percussion Performance MU2350 Module
Late Beethoven MU3403 Module
Mahler & Viennese Modernism 1897-1918 MU3299 Module
Mahler & Viennese Modernism 1897-1918 MU2299 Module
Music and Video Games MU3410 Module
Music Pedagogy: Instrumental & Vocal Tuition on one-to-one and group basis – foundations, best pract MU3209 Module
Music Pedagogy: Instrumental & Vocal Tuition on one-to-one and group basis – foundations, best pract MU2209 Module
Music Pedagogy: Instrumental and Vocal Tuition on one-to-one and group basis MU5502 Module
Musical Aesthetics MU3230 Module
Polish Music since 1945 MU2269 Module
Popular Music and Musicians in Post-War Britain and North America MU3339 Module
Practical Composition Skills MU1113 Module
Russian Music, Literature and Film MU3260 Module
Techniques in Composition 1 MU5540 Module
Techniques of Composition 2 MU5545 Module

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