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Advanced Financial Mathematics MT4470 Module
Advanced Financial Mathematics MT3480 Module
Algorithmic Graph Theory MT3650 Module
Applications Of Field Theory MT4850 Module
Applied Probability MT3360 Module
Calculus MT1710 Module
Channels MT4410 Module
Cipher Systems MT3620 Module
Combinatorics MT4540 Module
Combinatorics MT3540 Module
Complex Variable MT2900 Module
Complexity Theory MT4130 Module
Computational Mathematics I MT1510 Module
Computational Number Theory MT4120 Module
Dynamics Of Real Fluids MT3220 Module
Error Correcting Codes MT3610 Module
From Euclid To Mandelbrot MT1100 Module
Functions Of Several Variables MT1720 Module
Further Linear Algebra and Modules MT2880 Module
Graphs and Optimisation MT2630 Module
Groups and Group Actions MT2860 Module
Inference MT3320 Module
Introduction To Applied Mathematics MT1210 Module
Linear Algebra and a Group Project MT2800 Module
Mathematics In The Classroom MT3090 Module
Mathematics Of Financial Markets MT3470 Module
Mathematics Project MT3000 Module
Matrix Algebra MT1820 Module
Msci Project MT4000 Module
Network Algorithms MT5465 Module
Non-Linear Dynamical Systems: Routes to Chaos MT3280 Module
Number Systems MT1810 Module
Number Theory MT3110 Module
Numbers And Functions MT1940 Module
Ordinary Differential Equations & Fourier Analysis MT2720 Module
Principles of Algorithm Design MT4140 Module
Principles Of Statistics MT1300 Module
Probability MT2320 Module
Public Key Cryptography MT4660 Module
Quantum Information and Coding MT3450 Module
Quantum Information Theory MT5445 Module
Quantum Theory I MT3200 Module
Quantum Theory II MT3250 Module
Real Analysis MT2940 Module
Rings and Factorisation MT2830 Module
Statistical Methods MT2300 Module
Theory Of Error - Correcting Codes MT5461 Module
Time Series Analysis MT3340 Module
Vector Analysis And Fluids MT2220 Module
Advanced Financial Mathematics MT5448 Module
Advanced Financial Mathematics MT4480 Module
Applications Of Field Theory MT5485 Module
Applications Of Field Theory MT3850 Module
Applied Probability MT5436 Module
Applied Probability MT4360 Module
Channels MT5441 Course
Channels MT3410 Module
Cipher Systems MT4620 Module
Cipher Systems MT5642 Module
Complexity Theory MT3130 Module
Complexity Theory MT5413 Module
Electromagnetic Theory MT3240 Module
Inference MT5432 Module
Inference MT4320 Module
Knot Theory MT3970 Module
MSc Project MT5400 Module
Principles of Algorithm Design MT5414 Module
Principles of Algorithm Design MT3140 Module
Public Key Cryptography MT3660 Module
Public Key Cryptography MT5466 Module
Quantum Information and Coding MT4450 Module
Scientific Programming MT2500 Module
Scientific Programming MT3500 Module
Topology MT3910 Module

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