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360 Cinema MA3085 Module
Advanced Screenwriting- Screenplay MA3005 Module
Attachment To Production Company And Dissertation MA5607 Module
Avenues And Alleyways: Representations Of The City MA3056 Module
Beyond Bollywood: Indian Cinema in a Transnational Frame MA2077 Module
Cinematography MA3012 Module
Cinematography MA2012 Module
Cinephilia MA3083 Module
Cinephilia from 1915 to the present MA3074 Module
Contemporary British Cinema: Issues and Themes MA3171 Module
Contemporary British Cinema: Issues and Themes MA3071 Module
Contemporary Chinese Cinema MA2076 Module
Creative Digital Arts MA2020 Module
Creative Digital Arts MA3020 Module
Creative Sound Design MA2022 Module
Creative Sound Design MA3022 Module
Critical Problems in Modernism and Modernity MA3073 Module
Critical Theory and Textual Analysis MA1052 Module
Digital Aesthetics and Software Politics MA2801 Module
Digital Media Communications MA2800 Module
Directing Screen Fiction MA2003 Module
Directing Screen Fiction MA3003 Module
Dissertation MA5304 Module
Documentary MA2052 Module
European Cinema and the Culture of Modernity MA2055 Module
European Modernism and the Avant-Garde Film, 1910 - 1939 MA2059 Module
Film Aesthetics MA3065 Module
Film and Television Histories MA1051 Module
Film Theory: Hitchcock And Point Of View MA2057 Module
Film, Television and the Holocaust MA3084 Module
Film,Television And The Holocaust (Media Arts Course) MA5056 Module
Foundation Of Production MA5303 Module
From Idea To Screen MA5301 Module
Hollywood Star Performances MA2061 Module
Independent Media Project and Essay MA5610 Module
International Media Business MA5609 Module
Introduction to Digital Media 2 MA1801 Module
Introduction to Digital Media Practice 1 MA1800 Module
Introduction to Media Practice 1 MA1007 Module
Introduction to Narrative MA1054 Module
Marketing And Media Law MA5606 Module
Media Authorship MA3088 Module
Melodrama MA3075 Module
Political Cinema: From Eisenstein to Youtube MA3086 Module
Post-Classical Hollywood MA2066 Module
Producing Film and Television MA2006 Module
Producing Film And Television MA3006 Module
Production Practice (Dissertation) MA5903 Module
Production Study MA5902 Module
Production Workshop for Film & Television Studies MA1053 Module
Psychoanalysis And Cinema MA2054 Module
Psychoanalysis and Cinema MA3082 Module
Right of Reply:Autobiography & Poetry in American Underground Film 1945-2005 MA2078 Module
Screen Documentary MA2004 Module
Screen Documentary- Production Video MA3004 Module
Screen Narrative: Theory and Practice MA1154 Module
Screenwriting MA2005 Module
Script Craft MA5800 Module
Script Development MA5602 Module
Television & Digital Culture MA3077 Module
Television Aesthetics MA2079 Module
Television Genre MA2064 Module
Television Histories MA3064 Module
The Creative Industries MA2080 Module
The Cultures of Celebrity MA2072 Module
The Role Of The Producer MA5601 Module
The UK Film Industry: Contemporary Issues and Debates MA2073 Module
Transnational Cinemas: Issues and Identities MA3076 Module
Women's Cinema MA2051 Module
Advanced Digital Media Communication MA3811 Module
Advanced Digital Media Project MA3801 Module
Advanced Screenwriting - Outline and Short MA3105 Module
African American Cinema from the era of segregation to the present MA3043 Module
Animation and Visual Effects MA2023 Module
Animation and Visual Effects (Animation) MA3023 Module
Cinematography (Role of the DoP) MA3112 Module
Coding for the Arts MA1805 Module
Contexts: Current British Film and Television Practice MA5803 Module
Creative Digital Arts - Research and Paper MA3120 Module
Creative Digital Post Production (CDP) MA3025 Module
Creative Digital Production MA2025 Module
Creative Social Media MA2024 Module
Data Journalism and Visualisation MA2806 Module
Development Lab MA5802 Module
Digital Media Marketing: Mobile, Social Media & Strategy MA5600 Module
Exotic Cinema: Encounters with Cultural Differences MA2081 Module
Far-Flung Families in Film MA3042 Module
Film Form MA3055 Module
Film Studies Dissertation MA3161 Module
Film Style and Interpretation 1: Expression and Expressionism MA3080 Module
Film Style and Interpretation 2: Realism MA3081 Module
Histories of Media Technology MA3087 Module
Interactive Storytelling MA3113 Module
Interactive Storytelling MA3013 Module
International Television Business MA5906 Module
Introduction to Media Practice 2 MA1107 Module
Materials Procedures (Space/Time/Institution) MA3068 Module
Materials-Procedures: Paradigms-Parameters 1960-1980 MA3069 Module
Media Industries Report MA5905 Module
Modern European Cinema MA2065 Module
Moving Pictures (Experimental) MA3026 Module
Moving Pictures (Narrative) MA3027 Module
Music Video: Histories, Production, Identities from the 1940s until now MA3044 Module
Non-Fiction Film: Personal Stories and Platforms MA3050 Module
Peripheral Visions - American Independent Cinema MA3057 Module
Post-Production: Pro Tools MA2125 Module
Producing Film and Television MA2105 Module
Producing Film and Television Drama 2 MA3106 Module
Producing Workshop MA5604 Module
Production Management MA5603 Module
Production Study 2 MA5904 Module
Story and Theme MA5801 Module
Television and Creativity MA5901 Module
Television Histories MA2067 Module
The Hollywood Renaissance 1966 - 1981 MA3014 Module
The Long Take MA2068 Module
The Poetics of Contemporary Television MA3092 Module
Videogames: Culture, Politics, History MA2050 Module

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