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Advanced Italian Language I IT1050 Module
Intensive Italian For Beginners IT1000 Module
Advanced Italian II IT2050 Module
Advanced Italian II for Post Beginners IT2000 Module
Advanced Italian III IT3009 Module
Advanced Italian Translation: Skills and Practice IT2410 Module
Advanced Italian Translation: Skills and Practice IT3410 Module
Approved Topic IT3900 Module
Art And Literature In Renaissance Florence IT2400 Module
Boccaccio: Decameron ML2301 Module
Building the Italian Nation: Heroes and anti-Heroes from Pinocchio to The Leopard IT1950 Module
Colonizers, Creoles and Exiles: Comparative Postcolonial Literature ML3209 Module
Dante - Divine Comedy II IT3230 Module
Dante's Comedy - Themes And Ideas IT2230 Module
Department Based Project ML1999 Module
Department Based Project LA1999 Module
Department Specific Skills ML1998 Module
Department Specific Skills LA1998 Module
Fascist Italy IT1980 Module
From Aestheticism to the Avant-Garde ML3202 Module
International Year LA3400 Module
Italian Ab Initio Oral I IT1602 Module
Italian Ab Initio Written I IT1601 Module
Italian Advanced Oral I IT1702 Module
Italian Advanced Written I IT1701 Module
Italian Crime Fiction IT2840 Module
Italian Fashion & Design IT3980 Module
Italian Language: Culture and Translation IT1400 Module
Liberal Arts 1: Cultural Encounters LA1000 Module
Liberal Arts 2: Power and Dissent LA2000 Module
Liberal Arts 3: Dissertation LA3000 Module
Liberal Arts Work Placement LA1000P Module
Of Women, Knights, Weapons and Loves: the Italian chivalric tradition IT3430 Module
Postwar Italian Cinema IT2340 Module
Pra Oral In Italian IT2501 Module
Pra Oral In Italian IT2502 Module
Renaissance Transgressions: Aretino, Cellini, Bruno IT2500 Module
Shooting History: Dictatorship, Terror and Crime in Italian Film IT3860 Module
Study Abroad LA2401 Module
Tales of the City: Introduction to Thematic Analysis ML1204 Module
The Heritage Of Dante And The Renaissance IT1230 Module
The Postmodern In Italian Literature: Pioneers, Practitioners and Critics IT3990 Module
Visual Arts 1: Artists and their Materials ML1301 Module
Visual Arts 2: Genres and Movements ML2302 Module

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