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"Dragon Ladies"? Society, Politics and Gender in Modern China HS2313 Module
'Behind the Veil': The Age of the Victorians HS5644 Module
'The Devil's Decade': Britain, America and the Great Slump, 1929-41 HS2280 Module
A History of Terrorism: from French Revolutionary Terror to Al-Qaeda HS2298 Module
A Transnational Holocaust HS5129 Module
Art, Architecture and Power in the Roman World HS2323 Module
Awakening China: from the Opium Wars to the present day HS2227 Module
British Social and Economic History 1914-1945 HS1283 Module
British Social and Economic History 1945-1997 HS1280 Module
Byzantine Twilight 1200-1460 HS2701 Module
Byzantium and its Neighbours, 641-1081 HS2127 Module
Byzantium and the First Crusade HS5219 Module
Byzantium and the Fourth Crusade HS5220 Module
Children of the Revolution? France from 1789 to the Great War HS2321 Module
China and the World: Migration and Diaspora, 1800-1945 (Exam) HS3365 Module
Christians and Pagans from Constantine to Augustine (AD 306-430) (Exam) HS3296 Module
Comparative History HS3103 Module
Comparing Religious Fundamentalisms in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Exam) HS3330 Module
Conflict and Identity in Modern Europe (c.1770-2000) HS1109 Module
Conflict, Faith and Terror in the Middle East since 1945 HS5442 Module
Conquest and Colonisation Europe 1000-1300 (1). The Structures of Power HS2009 Module
Culture Wars: a Genealogy of the European Civil Wars of 1917-1947 HS5770 Module
Despots and Mullahs: The (Modern) Muslim World and Development, 1930-1980 HS2315 Module
Dissertation-Project HS5463 Module
Doing History: Researching and Writing Critical History from Antiquity to Contemporary Times. Part 1 HS1007 Module
Drawing the line: independence, partition, and the making of India and Pakistan HS3376 Module
Europe 1000 - 1300: Culture, Society and Religion HS2010 Module
Explorers and Inventors in Classical and Late Antiquity HS2327 Module
Faith, Politics and the Jews of Europe, 1848-1918 HS5735 Module
From Blood and Guts to the Worried Well: Medicine in Britain, c.1750-1990 HS2235 Module
From Constantinople to Alexandria: Eastern Mediterranean Cities, 1798-1956 HS2324 Module
From Mao to Mandela: Twentieth Century Political Leaders in the Non-Western World HS1113 Module
From Rakes to Respectability: Society and Conflict in Britain 1815-51 HS2246 Module
Genghis Khan and his Empire, 1150-1300 (Exam) HS3361 Module
Genocide HS2296 Module
Gods, Men and Power: An Introduction to the Ancient World from Homer to Mohammed HS1105 Module
Heresy, Crusade and Inquisition in Southern France, c.1140 - c.1300 (Examination) HS3150 Module
Historiography HS3106 Module
History And Historiography of the Holocaust (Exam) HS3264 Module
History And Meanings Part 1 HS1002 Module
History and Meanings Part 2 HS1005 Module
History of the British Empire, 1763-1900 HS2001 Module
History of the British Empire, 1899-1963 HS2003 Module
History of the USA 1787-1877 HS2217 Module
History of the USA since 1877 HS2218 Module
History Past and Present: Definitions, Concepts and Approaches HS5450 Module
Holocaust Witnessing (Exam) HS3404 Module
Independent Essay HS2300 Module
International Economic Relations 1917-1991 HS2209 Module
Introduction to Victorian Studies Part Two: Cultural and Social History HS5643 Module
Killing the King: England in an age of Revolutions 1603-1714 HS2019 Module
Lahore and Istanbul: Modernity in the Muslim Imperial City, 1850-1960 HS2232 Module
London: Urban Society, 1400-1600 HS2132 Module
Malcolm X and African American Islam (Exam) HS3367 Module
Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1968 HS2219 Module
Medicine & Society In Medieval Europe HS2143 Module
Medicine from Antiquity to the Medieval Near East HS2029 Module
Memory and Modern Europe HS2297 Module
Metropolis: Berlin in the twentieth century (Exam) HS3257 Module
Migration, Identity and Citizenship in Modern Britain (Exam) HS3346 Module
Modern and Contemporary Italy HS2317 Module
Modern British History 1914-1973 HS2213 Module
Modern Political Ideas HS2271 Module
Mutiny to Modi: the Indian subcontinent from the 19th century to the present HS2240 Module
Nationalism, Democracy and Minorities in Central Europe, 1918-1939 HS2264 Module
New Imperial Histories: Britain's Empire Reassessed HS5780 Module
New Worlds, Lost Worlds: The Tudor Monarchy 1485-1603 HS2018 Module
Pathways to the Past HS5460 Module
Photography, Film and British Society 1850-1965 (Exam) HS3363 Module
Progress and its Discontents: European Culture, 1890-1914 (Exam) HS3378 Module
Public Decency and Private Morals: Britain in the Twentieth Century HS5645 Module
Religious Culture in England c. 1373-1525 (Exam) HS3139 Module
Representing Authority from Henry VII to Charles II (1485-1685) (Exam) HS3298 Module
Republics, Kings And People: The Foundations Of European Political Thought from Plato to Rousseau HS1107 Module
Research Development Course HS5217 Module
Research Skills HS2301 Module
Rome and its Empire from Augustus to Commodus (31 BC - AD 192) HS2005 Module
Rome to Renaissance: An Introduction to the Middle Ages HS1116 Module
Science in Greek and Roman antiquity HS2229 Module
Sex, Society and Identity in Britain, c. 1660-1815 HS2326 Module
Spain from Dictatorship to Democracy, 1939-1989 HS2224 Module
Spain in Conflict 1930-1953 HS2257 Module
Spain, 1898-1939 HS2223 Module
Stalinism (Exam) HS3287 Module
Studying and Communicating the Past: Resources, Skills and Ethics HS5455 Module
Talking Cures and Troubles: The oral history of health and medicine in Britain, c.1948-2000 (Exam) HS3374 Module
The Age of Terror: Terrorism from 1945 - Present (Exam) HS3350 Module
The Bomb: Atomic Weaponry and Society in the 20th Century HS3371 Module
The Causes and consequences of the Fall of Constantinople (1453) (Exam) HS3145 Module
The Clash of Powers and Culture: Sino-American Relations during the Cold War (Exam) HS3279 Module
The Crusades & The Eastern Mediterranean, 1095-1291 HS2142 Module
The Crusades: Louis IX of France and the Recovery of the Holy Land HS5515 Module
The Death of God: From the Enlightenment to Psychoanalysis HS3384 Module
The Edwardians and their Legacy: Culture and Identity in Britain, 1901-36 HS2312 Module
The Empire in Victorian Britain ca. 1830-1870 (Exam) HS3248 Module
The European Civil Wars 1917-1947 HS5771 Module
The European Crucible, 1914-1947: Politics, Society and Culture HS2014 Module
The First World War in British Experience and Memory HS2318 Module
The Flowering of the Middle Ages (1) : Politics, Pestilence and War, c.1300 - c.1500 HS2011 Module
The Flowering of the Middle Ages (2) : Religion, Renaissance and Urban Life HS2012 Module
The Georgians: Society, Economy and Culture in Britain, c. 1688-1832 HS2020 Module
The Greek World from the Fall of Byzantium to the Rise of Nationalism, 1453-1910 HS2702 Module
The Holy Man HS2228 Module
The Islamic Revival: from 18th Century Reform to 20th Century Political Action HS2289 Module
The Kingdom of Darkness dethroned: reason and religion c. 1651-1718 (Exam) HS3134 Module
The Later Roman Empire HS2124 Module
The Politics of Post-War Europe, 1945-2000 HS2015 Module
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic HS2004 Module
The Russian Empire in the Age of Reform and Revolution, 1856-1917 HS2248 Module
The Silk Road 1: Genghis Khan and the Mongol Legacy in Western Asia (1200-1500) HS2151 Module
The Silk Road 2: The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires HS2152 Module
The Victorians: British History 1837-1901 HS2212 Module
The Vietnam War and the Cold War in Southeast Asia HS2319 Module
The Voice of the Public: Oral History in Public History HS5462 Module
Tudor Queenship: Mary I and Elizabeth I, 1553-1603 HS2137 Module
Twentieth Century World History: the Middle East, Africa and Latin America HS2028 Module
Twentieth-Century World History: the Asian Resurgence HS2017 Module
Unforgettable Encounters with the West: Knowledge Transformation in Modern China HS5761 Module
Union and Emancipation: The American Civil War HS3382 Module
Victorian Babylon: Life, Work and People in London, c.1840-1890 (Exam) HS3320 Module
Victorian Social and Political Thought (Exam) HS3251 Module
Villa, Domus and Palace: Domestic Space and Social Identity in the Roman World (Exam) HS3380 Module
Violence in the American South, 1865-1955 HS5750 Module
Visions of Europe: Political and Intellectual Readings of European Integration from the Interwar HS3386 Module
Women and the Politics of Gender in modern Muslim societies HS2322 Module
'With Intent to Destroy': Genocide in the Modern World (Exam) HS3397 Module
An Introduction to the Historical Study of the Islamic World HS5425 Module
Augustine of Hippo and the Last Days of Rome HS5336 Module
Colonial Missions in the Age of the British Empire HS3322 Module
Concepts in History HS3160 Module
Daily Life in Renaissance and Baroque Italian Cities HS2149 Module
Diasporas, Refugees and Minorities in Modern Europe and the Mediterranean HS5648 Module
Doing History: Sources for the Historian and their uses from Antiquity to the Present HS1008 Module
Elementary Greek Palaeography HS5123 Module
Empire Strikes Back HS2211 Module
Fairy Tales: Narrating Queer Gender and Sexuality in the Twentieth Century HS5133 Module
Feast, Fast and Famine, HS2038 Module
Feminism in Modern Britain HS5132 Module
From Inverts to Perverts: British Queer History 1885-Present HS3406 Module
From Mussolini to Trump: Nationalism, Far Right & Identity Politics in Europe & America, 1919-2016 HS3528 Module
From Mussolini to Trump: Nationalism, Far Right and Identity Politics HS2328 Module
Genocide: Comparative Approaches HS5131 Module
Global Challenges HS2039 Module
Grand Designs HS2302 Module
History in the making HS1004 Module
History of the Holocaust HS5730 Module
History of the Holocaust HS5737 Module
Holocaust Witnessing (Dissertation) HS3405 Module
Interpreting the Holocaust HS5731 Module
Interpreting the Holocaust HS5738 Module
Introduction to Digital History HS2040 Module
Italy from the Unification to the Present HS2703 Module
Justice, Power and Religion in the Muslim World: The History of Shari'a Law HS2304 Module
Looking at the Victorians: Visual and Material Culture in Britain, 1837-1901 HS5647 Module
Medicine in the Ancient, Medieval and Islamic World HS2329 Module
Medieval Palaeography HS5216 Module
Medieval Pilgrimage HS5517 Module
Medieval Queens, c.1000-c.1400 HS2055 Module
Medieval Worlds HS2050 Module
Modern Girls: Women in Twentieth-Century Britain HS2234 Module
Modern Girls: Women in Twentieth-Century Britain HS3534 Module
Out on the Town: Leisure and Popular Culture in Twentieth-century Urban Britain HS3408 Module
People and Things in Victorian London HS3541 Module
People and Things in Victorian London HS2041 Module
Politics and Religion in the Middle East since 1914 HS5130 Module
Reagan's America HS2043 Module
Recording the Crusades HS5256 Module
Refugees in the 20th Century: A Global History HS2126 Module
Renaissance to Revolutions: Europe and the World, 1500-1800 HS1108 Module
Saladin, Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade HS3010 Module
Spanish and Portuguese Empires in the Americas, 1450-1650 HS2115 Module
Tangled Histories of the Interconnected Atlantic World HS2305 Module
The Age of Thatcher? Politics, Cultures and Identities in Britain, c1970-2000 HS3348 Module
The Birth of Europe, 400-900 HS2025 Module
The Curse of Aid: a History of International Development, c.1940 to present HS3410 Module
The Infidel Within? Muslims in Western Contexts HS5721 Module
The Light of Burning Heretics: Popular Heresy in the Central Middle Ages HS2026 Module
The Making of the Modern Middle East, 1789-1939 HS2125 Module
The Origins and Impact of the Second Crusade (1145-49) HS3143 Module
The Origins and Impact of the Second Crusade (1145-49) HS3142 Module
The Ottoman Empire 1453-1789 HS2102 Module
The Public Communication and the Understanding of History HS5461 Module
The Shock of the New: European Culture and Society 1789-1905 HS2023 Module
Virtue and Power: Political Thought from Cicero to Machiavelli HS2114 Module
Women, the Crusades and the Frontier Societies of Medieval Christendom, 1000-1300 HS5209 Module
‘Peace that is No Peace’: The Global Cold War 1945-91 HS2112 Module

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