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Earth Sciences Project GL0999 Module
Advanced Concepts And Techniques In Geology GL3001 Module
Advanced Geohazards GL3320 Module
Advanced Igneous Petrogenesis GL4400 Module
Advanced Igneous Petrogenesis And Project GL4411 Module
Advanced Palaeontology GL3800 Module
Advanced Practical Meteorology GL3330 Module
Advanced Techniques in Digital Geoscience GL3030 Module
Advanced Techniques in Earth Sciences GL3010 Module
Advanced Techniques In Tectonic And Structural Interpretation GL3600 Module
Advanced Topics In Sedimentology GL3210 Module
Advanced Volcanology GL3460 Module
Air Pollution, Monitoring, Impacts and Management GL4310 Module
Air Pollution, Monitoring, Impacts and Management EA5221 Module
Applied Geology (Industrial Placement) GL3141 Module
Applied Geology (MSci Industrial Placement) GL4141 Module
Applied Geophysics GL2500 Module
Carbonate Reservoir Geology GL5491X Module
Case Studies EA5430 Module
CCS and Subsurface Energy Storage GL5960 Module
Chemistry and Physics of the Earth GL1500 Module
Climate, Ocean and Atmosphere GL1401 Module
Computational Earth Sciences GL2520 Module
Contaminated Land Case Study GL4370 Module
Data Analysis and GIS EA5110 Module
Dynamic Planet GL1201 Module
Earth Materials GL1650 Module
Earth Sciences Practical Skills GL0998 Module
Earth Scientists Digital Toolkit GL2905 Module
Earth Scientists Environmental Toolkit GL2904 Module
Earth Scientists Geological Mapping Toolkit GL2901 Module
Earth Scientists Practical Toolkit GL2902 Module
Earth Scientists Toolkit GL1900 Module
Earth Structures GL1600 Module
Earth Surface Processes GL4250 Module
Earth, Climate and Environmental Change Research Project GL3451 Module
Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics GL3850 Module
Enviromental Field Investigations GL4910 Module
Environmental Biogeochemistry GL3360 Module
Environmental Diagnosis EA5110O Module
Environmental Geology Independent Project GL3321 Module
Environmental Geoscience Report GL3350 Module
Environmental Inorganic Analysis EA5111 Module
Environmental Inorganic Analysis GL4380 Module
Environmental Management EA5220O Module
Evolution of the Modern Earth GL4040 Module
Evolving Earth GL1101 Module
Field and Research Skills GL4930 Module
Fieldwork and Site Visits GL5560 Module
Formation and Evolution of the continents GL4020 Module
Formation Evaluation GL5594X Module
Further Applied Geophysics GL3500 Module
Geochemistry GL2410 Module
Geodynamics And Plate Tectonics GL4510 Module
Geohazards GL2320 Module
Geological Evolution and Deep Time Synthesis GL2210 Module
Geological Field Skills For Environmental Students GL2930 Module
Geological Mapping 1 GL3920 Module
Geological Mapping 2 GL4920 Module
Geomorphology and Hydrogeology for Site Investigation GL5550 Module
Geophysical Methods GL5201 Module
GIS and remote sensing GL2340 Module
Gis And Remote Sensing GL3340 Module
Hounslow Heath Contaminated Land Case Study EA5431 Module
Human Interaction with the Earth System GL1301 Module
Hydrogeology GL3300 Module
Hydrogeology and Water Quality GL4300 Module
Hydrogeology and Water Quality EA5220 Module
Igneous And Metamorphic Geology GL2400 Module
Independent Environmental Geoscience Project GL4322 Module
Independent Field Mapping (Sedimentary Basins) GL3951 Module
Independent Geological Field Mapping GL3901 Module
Independent Geoscience Project GL4012 Module
Independent Petroleum Geology Project GL4511 Module
Independent Project GL3131 Module
Independent Project GL5011 Module
Independent Research in Computational Earth Science GL2550 Module
Independent Research Project EA5500 Module
Independent Research Project GL5570 Module
Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy GL5493X Module
Interpretation Of Structural Settings GL4620 Module
Introduction to Climate Change GL1350 Module
Introduction to Modern Climate Change GL2650 Module
Introduction to Planetary Geology & Geophysics GL2530 Module
Log Interpretation GL5592X Module
Marine Geology GL3200 Module
Methods Of Environmental Investigation GL3940 Module
Modern Climate Change (Advanced) GL3650 Module
MSc Geology by Research Dissertation GL5200 Module
Numerical Toolkit for Earth and Environmental Scientists GL1230 Module
Oceanography GL2800 Module
Oceans And Atmospheres GL4340 Module
Palaeoclimate GL3880 Module
Paleaoclimates GL4820 Module
Petroleum Geology GL4700 Module
Petroleum Geology Project GL4512 Module
Petroleum Systems GL5601O Module
Planetary Geology & Geophysics GL3530 Module
Planetary Geology & Geophysics GL3510 Module
Practical Meteorology – An introduction GL2330 Module
Professional Practice GL5540 Module
Renewable Energy GL5950 Module
Research in Earth, Climate and Environmental Change GL2460 Module
Research Methods GL5100 Module
Research Proposal and Critical Review GL4100 Module
Research Skills GL4990 Module
Reservoir Characterisation GL4720 Module
Reservoir Geoscience GL5501 Module
RHUL Campus Air Quality Case Study EA5433 Module
River Thames Basin Case Study EA5432 Module
Rock and Soil Mechanics, Engineering and Fluid Flow GL5520 Module
Sedimentary Basin Analysis GL2230 Module
Sedimentary Basin Analysis GL3250 Module
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy GL5401 Module
Seismic Interpretation GL5291X Module
Seismic Processing And Interpretation GL4500 Module
Site Investigation and Ground Models GL5510 Module
Stratigraphy and Past Sedimentary Environments GL2200 Module
Structural Analysis And Remote Sensing GL2600 Module
Structural Geology GL5391X Module
Structural Geology and Basin Evolution GL5301 Module
Subsurface Analysis GL3700 Module
Subsurface Analysis GL5601 Module
Subsurface Storage of CO2 and Energy GL3780 Module
Sustainable Energy GL2740 Module
Sustainable Exploitation of Earth Resources GL1760 Module
Tectonics & Lithosphere Dynamics GL5101 Module
Terrestrial Palaeoecology GL4810 Module
Volcanology GL2260 Module
Waste and Resource Management EA5222 Module

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