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Pratique du français I FR1009 Module
Skills and Techniques for Translation FR1004 Module
Twelfth-Century Arthurian Romance: Chretien De Troyes FR3102 Module
A Special Theme in the Novel: Transgression ML2205 Module
Academic Writing Skills SS1000 Module
Advanced French Translation: Skills and Practice FR2410 Module
Advanced French Translation: Skills and Practice FR3410 Module
Advanced Translating Skills FR3003 Module
Advanced Translation: Professional Practice ML3400 Module
Blindness and Vision in French Culture FR3124 Module
Cinema In France: From Modernism To The Postmodern FR2106 Module
CLC Optional Dissertation ML3208 Module
Comparative Literature and Culture: 30-credit Comparative Dissertation ML3124 Module
Critical Analysis for Linguists ML1000 Module
Critical Theories and Methodologies ML5002 Module
Critical Worlds: Theory for Comparative Literature and Culture ML2207 Module
Culture And Ideology: France And La Francophonie FR2104 Module
Decoding France: Language, Culture and Identity FR1114 Module
Dissertation Compartive Literature and Culture ML5000 Module
Exploring World Literatures: Journeys, Ideas and Debates ML1206 Module
Final-year International Film Dissertation ML3308 Module
French Ab Initio Oral I FR1602 Module
French Ab Initio Written I FR1601 Module
French Advanced Oral I FR1702 Module
French Advanced Written I FR1701 Module
French History Through Film FR1113 Module
French Language: Culture and Translation FR1400 Module
Histories of Representation ML2206 Module
Humans and Other Animals in Twenty-First Century Fiction and Thought ML3212 Module
Image, Identity and Consumer Culture in Post-war Fiction and Film FR3112 Module
Intensive French for Beginners II FR2010 Module
International Film II: Readings and Representations ML2101 Module
Introduction to French Literature: Critical Skills FR1111 Module
Introduction to Literary Genre: Tragedy ML1205 Module
Introduction to Translation: Professional Skills ML1400 Module
Key French Texts: the Individual and Society FR1112 Module
Language Pathways: 30-credit Comparative Dissertation ML3125 Module
Modern Languages Additional Dissertation ML3002 Module
Modern Languages Dissertation ML3003 Module
Modern Languages Dissertation ML3001 Module
Pra Oral in French FR3501 Module
Pra Oral In French FR2502 Module
Pra Oral In French FR2501 Module
Pra Oral in French FR3502 Module
Pratique du français II FR2009 Module
Pratique du français III FR3009 Module
Questions of Translation and Transcultural Communication ML2400 Module
Reading Texts: Criticism for Comparative Literature ML1203 Module
Redefining the Erotic in Contemporary French Literature and Film FR3126 Module
Socio-Political Issues of Contemporary France in Fiction and Translation FR2005 Module
Staging the Enlightenment: theatre in eighteenth-century France and Germany ML2407 Module
Text and Image in France: from Cubism to the Present FR3113 Module
The Illustrated Text in France FR2107 Module
The Visual Image In French Culture And Society FR1105 Module
Translingual Literature: Writing Across Borders and Identities ML3215 Module
Transnationalism, Diaspora and Globalisation in Contemporary Film ML3207 Module
Villains and villainy in early modern French theatre FR3125 Module
Wanton Women: artists and writers of the French avant-garde FR3120 Module
World Literatures: Texts and Identities in Motion ML2408 Module
Writing Romance & Desire FR2102 Module
Year Abroad Placement: Intercultural Competency and Professional Skills ML2999 Module
Year Abroad Placement: Intercultural Competency and Professional Skills ML3999 Module

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