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'Love, Honour, Obey': Literature 1525 - 1670 EN2010 Module
Advanced Romanticism: The 18teens EN3230 Module
Advanced Shakespeare: The Problem Plays EN3011 Module
Aestheticism and Decadence in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture EN5830 Module
African-American Literature EN3303 Module
Age of Oppositions EN2120 Module
Arthurian Literature And Tradition In England EN5604 Module
Aspects of Forster EN2214 Module
British Drama from Shaw to Priestly EN2312 Module
Byron, Modernity and Europe 1780-1830 EN3228 Module
Character: Literary persons, selfhood and interiority in early modern literature EN3125 Module
Children’s Literature EN3225 Module
Contemporary Debates in Literary and Critical Theory EN2324 Module
Contemporary Literature EN5314 Module
Contemporary Special Topics EN5316 Module
Contemporary Technologies Of Writing EN5902 Module
Creative Writing: Structure and Style EN2215 Module
Critical Editions EN3121 Module
Critical Foundations: Thinking as a Critic EN1011 Module
Dark Reform: Scandal and Satire in American Culture EN2321 Module
Dissertation EN3401 Module
Ethics and Aesthetics in the novels of J.M.Coetzee EN3330 Module
Exploring James Joyce's Finnegans Wake EN5313 Module
Exploring Joyce's Ulysses EN3120 Module
Fiction Workshop EN5118 Module
Fictions Of Sensation EN2209 Module
Four National Poets EN2220 Module
Gender and Writing in the Eighteenth Century EN2104 Module
Intensive Shakespeare: Comedy, History, Tragedy EN2011 Module
Introducing America: Literature to 1900 EN1401 Module
Introducing English Poetry EN1112 Module
Introduction To Medieval Literature EN1001 Module
James Joyce: Revolutions of the Word EN3117 Module
King Lear and The Tempest: Critical Debate and Creative Response EN5732 Module
Literary Adaptations EN2118 Module
Literature And Philosophy EN3106 Module
Literature Of The Fin De Siecle EN2309 Module
Literatures of Genocide and Atrocity EN3115 Module
Medieval Literary London EN5611 Module
Medieval Narrative (Programme Course) EN5607 Module
Methods And Materials Of Research EN5001 Module
Middle English Poetry EN2001 Module
Modernism, Modernity and History EN5331 Module
Modernist Fiction: James, Conrad, Ford EN2216 Module
Modernist Literature EN2325 Module
Modernist Special Topics EN5315 Module
Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture EN3202 Module
Odysseus' Scar: Time in Modern Literature and Film EN3316 Module
Of Circumference: Reading Emily Dickinson EN3518 Module
Old English Riddles EN2009 Module
Oscar Wilde EN3521 Module
Painting / Writing EN3119 Module
Pastoral EN3326 Module
Poetic Practice EN5901 Module
Poetic Practice EN3311 Module
Popular Music EN3333 Module
Postcolonialism EN5439 Module
Re-orienting the Novel EN1107 Module
Reading As A Writer EN5116 Module
Reading the Wasteland EN3523 Module
Reading Tristram Shandy EN3204 Module
Representing the Holocaust in British and American Literature EN5131 Module
Rewriting Mythologies in 20th Century Literature EN3113 Module
Riddles And Wisdom In Old English Literature EN5609 Module
Rites of Passage: The Male Bildungsroman Since 1945 EN3310 Module
Romanticisms EN2213 Module
Rushdie and Coetzee EN5339 Module
Science Fiction EN3308 Module
Sex, Death & Celebrity EN3229 Module
Shakespeare EN1106 Module
Shakespeare from Page to Stage EN2500 Module
Special Author Coetzee EN3517 Module
Special Author Project: Aphra Behn EN3506 Module
Special Author Project: Chaucer B: THE CANTERBURY TALES EN3507 Module
Special Author Project: Conrad EN3504 Module
Special Author Project: Dickens EN3515 Module
Special Author Project: Donne EN3514 Module
Special Author Project: John Ashbery EN3513 Module
Special Author Project: Salman Rushdie EN3510 Module
Special Author Project: The Brontes EN3522 Module
Special Author Project: Thomas Hardy EN3516 Module
Special Author Project: Woolf EN3505 Module
Special Author: Samuel Beckett EN3519 Module
Special Topic: Ideas in Contemporary Fiction EN3224 Module
Special Topic: The Girl in the Book EN3223 Module
Supplementary Discourses EN5114 Module
Technologies of Writing EN5332 Module
The Art of Noise EN3317 Module
The Great American Novella EN3329 Module
The Literature of Chicago EN3322 Module
The Lives of Writing EN3319 Module
The New York Schools EN3332 Module
The Nineteen Thirties, Fiction and the Road to War EN3335 Module
The Nineteenth-Century Novel: Contexts; Theories; Readers EN5837 Module
The Post- Colonial Novel EN3226 Module
The Pre-Raphaelite Movement EN3227 Module
The Pre-Raphaelite Revolution: Poetry and Painting EN5838 Module
The Works: Plays And Poetry EN5731 Module
Theatre and the city: 1590 - 1730 EN3325 Module
Theatre And The City: 1590-1625 EN2013 Module
Tragedy EN3112 Module
Vernacular Writing EN3336 Module
Victorian Literature EN2212 Module
Victorian London EN5831 Module
Violence, Sex, and Magic in Medieval Literature EN3222 Module
Virginia Woolf: Modernism and Subjectivity EN5337 Module
Visual and Verbal in the long nineteenth century EN3328 Module
Visual and Verbal in the long nineteenth century EN3331 Module
Writing Migrant Identities EN2218 Module
A Marriage of Minds? EN3338 Module
American Gothic EN2328 Module
Art of Noise EN2337 Module
Brexit and Literature EN3030 Module
Creating Beowulf EN3001 Module
Creative Writing Special Focus: Writing Men: The Burden of Masculinity CW3109 Module
Creative Writing Special Focus: Writing Queerness CW3110 Module
Dissertation (MA Victorian Literature) EN5839 Module
Dissertation in Medieval Studies EN5610 Module
Dissertation: Shakespeare EN5730 Module
Early Modern Bodies EN2014 Module
Early Modern Bodies EN3014 Module
Fictions of Sensation EN3209 Module
First World War Literature EN3035 Module
Frankenstein: Text, Contexts, Intertexts EN2221 Module
Gaskell,Eliot & Dickens EN2206 Module
Interrogations of culture EN3233 Module
Kazuo Ishiguro EN3524 Module
Literary Adaptation: American Dystopias EN2103 Module
Literary Adaptation: Shakespeare EN3118 Module
Literary Adaptations: American Dystopias EN2130 Module
Literature and Crisis EN1105 Module
Literature and the Digital EN2315 Module
Literature, the Digital, and the Creative Industries EN3215 Module
Medieval Drama EN2002 Module
Medieval Dream & Vision EN2004 Module
Medieval Dream & Vision EN3024 Module
Middle English Poetry EN3021 Module
Modernist and Contemporary Literature EN5125 Module
Myths of Origin in Old English Literature EN2008 Module
Myths of Origin in Old English Literature EN3008 Module
Old English Riddles EN3009 Module
On Murder EN3116 Module
Orientalist Fantasies from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century EN3127 Module
Poetry Workshop EN5112 Module
Queer Histories: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian British and Irish Fiction EN2217 Module
Queer Histories: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian British and Irish Fiction EN3217 Module
Queering World Literature ENXXXX Module
Queering World Literature EN2240 Module
Reading like a Victorian EN3220 Module
Reading Tristram Shandy EN2204 Module
Ritual and Society EN3208 Module
Ritual and Society in C19th Fiction and Painting EN2208 Module
Shakespeare Page to Screen EN2501 Module
Special Author Brontes EN3511 Module
Special Author – Melville EN3508 Module
Special Author: Christopher Marlowe EN3520 Module
Special Topic: Shakespeare on the Global Stage EN3337 Module
Strange Fictions EN3025 Module
Strange Fictions EN2005 Module
The American Century: American Literature 1900-2000 EN2401 Module
The First Person EN3232 Module
The Gawain-Poet EN2006 Module
The Other Side of Enlightenment: The 18th Century in Literature, Theory and Film EN3126 Module
Tolkien's Roots EN3003 Module
Tolkien's Roots EN2003 Module
Witchcraft and Drama EN2012 Module
Witchcraft and Drama EN3012 Module
Writing Empire in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture EN5840 Module
Writing Migrant Identities EN3218 Module

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