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Advanced Communication Systems EE3080 Module
Analogue Electronic Systems EE2070 Module
Communications Engineering 1 EE1030 Module
Computer Systems Engineering Team Project 1 EE1002 Module
Control Engineering EE2040 Module
Digital Coding and Data Networking EE2050 Module
Digital Signal Processing Design EE3010 Module
Digital Systems Design EE3070 Module
Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution EE2030 Module
Electronic Circuits and Components EE1020 Module
Electronic Materials and Devices EE2060 Module
Embedded Systems Team project EE2000 Module
Embedded Systems Team project 1 EE1000 Module
Frontier Technologies: From Concept to Commercialisation EE5301 Module
Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering EE3060 Module
Immersive Engineering 2 EE4110 Module
Intro to Immersive Engineering 1 EE4100 Module
Introduction to Information Security DC3760 Module
Mathematics for Engineers 1 EE1110 Module
Mathematics For Scientists 2 EE1120 Module
MEng Group Project EE4000 Module
Nano-electronics EE4120 Module
Pattern recognition EE4080 Module
Principles of Sustainable Engineering EE1040 Module
Professional & Sustainable Engineering EE2080 Module
Programming in C++ EE1010 Module
Project by Dissertation EE5000 Module
Renewable Energy Systems EE3020 Module
Signals, Systems and Communications EE2020 Module
Software Engineering for Electronics EE2010 Module
Sustainable Power Generation EE5302 Module
System on Chip Design EE4090 Module
Voice Technology EE3050 Module

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