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Advanced Economic Theory EC3329 Module
Advanced Topics in Game Theory EC3353 Module
Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics EC5230 Module
Conflict Economics EC5190 Module
Contracts and Incentives EC3326 Module
Corporate Finance EC5310 Module
Decision Theory and Behaviour EC5070 Module
Dissertation In Economics EC3400 Module
Dissertation in Finance EC5001 Module
Econometrics EC5040 Module
Economic Growth EC3334 Module
Economic Philosophy EC1114 Module
Economics Of Conflict EC3321 Module
Economics of Development EC3336 Module
Economics Of European Integration EC1112 Module
Economics of Inequality EC3354 Module
Economics of Life EC3510 Module
Economics of Warfare EC3320 Module
Empirical Finance EC5331 Module
Environmental Economics EC5130 Module
Environmental Economics EC3317 Module
Evaluation Economics EC5180 Module
Experimental Economics EC5240 Module
Experimental Economics EC3322 Module
Family Economics EC3346 Module
Financial Econometrics EC3335 Module
Financial Econometrics EC5333 Module
Financial Economics EC5010 Module
Financial Markets & Institutions EC2211 Module
Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives EC5340 Module
Foundations in Finance EC5320 Module
Frictional Labour Markets EC3347 Module
Industrial Economics EC5020 Module
Industrial Growth And Competition EC2212 Module
International Economic History EC2214 Module
International Economic Policy EC1111 Module
International Trade EC3355 Module
Introduction to Economic Growth EC2216 Module
Investment and Portfolio Management EC5321 Module
Labour Economics EC3311 Module
Labour Economics EC3337 Module
Labour Economics EC5220 Module
Macroeconomics EC2202 Module
Macroeconomics EC5120 Module
Mathematical Methods EC5051 Module
Microeconometrics EC5041 Module
Microeconomics EC5110 Module
Microeconomics - Mathematical Pathway EC2501 Module
Monetary Economics EC3323 Module
Msc Dissertation In Economics EC5000 Module
Personnel Economics EC2215 Module
Philosophy of Economics EC3340 Module
Political Economy EC3331 Module
Political Economy EC5060 Module
Population, Cities and Economics Development EC3345 Module
Pre-Sessional Quantitative Methods Course EC5555 Module
Principles Of Economics EC1101 Module
Private Equity EC5370 Module
Public Economics EC5150 Module
Quantitative Methods II - Mathematical Pathway EC2503 Module
Quantitative Methods in Finance EC5330 Module
Quantitative Methods Of Economics EC1102 Module
The Theory of Financial Crises EC5360 Module
Topics in Corporate Finance EC3348 Module
Topics in Developmental Economics EC3349 Module
Topics in Economic History EC3342 Module
Topics In Game Theory EC3324 Module
Topics in Public Economics EC3341 Module
Understanding Financial Crises EC3315 Module
Advanced Microeconomics EC6000 Module
Advanced Topics in Microeconomics EC5111 Module
Applied Economics and Policy EC1133 Module
Applied Economics and Policy EC1103 Module
Coding and Programming for Economics EC3310 Module
Corporate Governance EC5002 Module
Data Skills for Economists EC1108 Module
Econometrics EC3233 Module
Econometrics 1 EC3133 Module
Economics of the European Union EC3358 Module
Economics of Warfare 1 EC3319 Module
Employability 1 EC1107 Module
Employability 2 EC2107 Module
Employability 3 EC3107 Module
Financial Economics 1 EC3114 Module
Financial Economics II EC3214 Module
Financial Reporting EC5334 Module
Industrial Economics-1 EC3113 Module
Industrial Economics-2 EC3213 Module
Information and Finance Economics EC3339 Module
Introduction to Mathematics for Economics I EC1220 Module
Mathematics for Economics EC1109 Module
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender: the Role for Public Policy EC3362 Module
Topics in Advanced Microeconomics EC3344 Module
Topics in Macroeconomics EC3338 Module
Working in the Financial Industry EC5550 Module
YIB Memoir EC3511 Module

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