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Advanced Option Race Relations in Theatre Film and Television DT3105 Module
Aesthetics of Anxiety: Expressionism and Film Noir DT3001 Module
Applied Drama Workshop DT5006 Module
Applied Theatre DT3120 Module
Australian Drama, Film & Culture DT2140 Module
Body As A Medium Of Expression 1 DT2170 Module
Boundaries Of Performance DT1030 Module
Contemporary British Theatre: New Writing DT2280 Module
Contemporary British Theatre: Politics and Philosophy DT3314 Module
Contemporary European Playwrights DT3121 Module
Contemporary Theatremaking DT1000 Module
Critical Theories 2: Language And Identity DT1022 Module
Culture and Creativity DT3400 Module
Curating and Exhibiting Performance DT3316 Module
Dance Repertory and Repertories DT3960 Module
Dance Technique and Composition 1 DT1910 Module
Dance Technique and Composition 2 DT2910 Module
Designing for the Theatre: 20th Century Scenography DT2492 Module
Devising Theatre DT3333 Module
Directing Workshop DT5007 Module
Disability Culture and Performance DT2762 Module
Dissertation (MA Theatre, MA Playwriting) DT5210 Module
Dissertation: Methodologies and Approaches DT5001 Module
Dramatizing Mythologies DT3311 Module
Extended Essay DT2740 Module
Film, Space, History DT3102 Module
Final year project DT3950 Module
Final Year Project - Dissertation DT3201 Module
Final Year Project - Group Project DT3202 Module
Final Year Project - Special Study DT3203 Module
Fops and Flops: staging the eighteenth century's crisis of masculinity DT3131 Module
Forms of Physical Theatre Training: Workshop DT5008 Module
History Of 20th Century Developments In Dance & Styles of Movement DT2180 Module
Installation Art DT2890 Module
Love, Gender and Sexuality on Stage and Screen DT3103 Module
Making Performance DT5203 Module
Making Performance Texts DT5200 Module
Mask & Performer DT2700 Module
Medicine and Performance DT3317 Module
Methods & Processes DT3100 Module
Modern European Directors DT3123 Module
Musical Theatre DT3124 Module
Performance Research Project 1 DT2741 Module
Performance Research Project 2 DT2742 Module
Performance Research Project 3 DT2743 Module
Performance/Place/Space DT2901 Module
Performing Celebrity: The Early Actress DT3125 Module
Physical Theatre - its Practice, Theory and History DT2541 Module
Physical Theatre for Dancers and Actors DT5605 Module
Playwriting DT5100 Module
Playwriting DT2310 Module
Playwriting DT5113 Module
Portable Theatre And Education Outreach DT2820 Module
Renaissance Theatre in Production DT2600 Module
Seeking Asylum in the 21st Century DT3101 Module
Shakespeare A DT2080 Module
Southeast Asian Theatre and Performance DT2876 Module
Space, Body, Design DT1080 Module
Spectacle and Revenge DT2902 Module
Stage Lighting DT2251 Module
Staging Histories DT1012 Module
Staging Race: Renaissance Plays to Contemporary Performance DT2860 Module
Taught Dissertation DT3204 Module
The Naturalist Theatre DT2120 Module
Theatre & Culture 2 DT2300 Module
Theatre & Globalization DT2900 Module
Theatre & Ideas DT1400 Module
Theatre & Ideas 2 DT2400 Module
Theatre & Ideas: The Idea of Acting DT2402 Module
Theatre & Performance Making: Devising DT2102 Module
Theatre & Performance Making: Theatre Directing DT2103 Module
Theatre & Text DT1200 Module
Theatre & Therapy DT3114 Module
Theatre and Culture DT1300 Module
Theatre and Performance Making DT1100 Module
Theatre and Psychoanalysis DT2763 Module
Theatre and Therapy DT2630 Module
Theatre Contexts, Histories & Practices DT5009 Module
Theatre Criticism DT3063 Module
Theatre,Therapy & Education DT2050 Module
Theories and Practices of Puppetry DT2875 Module
Ways Of Directing DT2610 Module
World Dance Histories DT1920 Module
A Director Prepares DT5120 Module
Acting For the Camera DT2104 Module
Actor Training in a Globalized World DT3116 Module
Advanced Option Performance and Visual Arts DT3110 Module
Advanced Option: Shakespeare DT3106 Module
Aesthetic Philosophy DT2414 Module
Aesthetics of Anxiety DT2303 Module
Arts Entrepreneurship DT2405 Module
Choreographic Practices 1 DT1940 Module
Choreographic Practices 2 DT2940 Module
Creative Learning and Theatre DT3108 Module
Cultural Heritage DT2415 Module
Cultures of Memory DT2304 Module
Dancing Bodies, Global Culture DT2306 Module
Decoding Debbie Tucker Green DT2203 Module
Drama and Dance DT1111 Module
Dramaturgy DT2204 Module
Greek Tragedy DT2202 Module
Love, Gender and Sexuality on Stage and Screen DT3313 Module
Naturalist Theatre in Context DT3312 Module
Physical Theatre DT3111 Module
Practice-as-Research Methodologies DT3970 Module
Scenography DT2106 Module
Shakespeare DT3315 Module
Shakespeare For the Camera DT3112 Module
Shakespeare, Ecology and Performance DT2215 Module
Stage Acting DT2108 Module
The Actor's Voice DT3113 Module
The Idea of Adaptation DT2412 Module
The Idea of Live Art DT2401 Module
The Idea of Money DT2404 Module
The Idea of Tragedy DT2409 Module
Theatre & Culture 2: Southeast Asian Theatre and Performance DT2301 Module
Theatre & Ideas: The Idea of Adaptation DT2410 Module
Theatre & Ideas: The Idea of Casting DT2411 Module
Theatre & Ideas: The Idea of Knowledge and the Body DT2408 Module
Theatre & Ideas: The Idea of the Musical DT2413 Module
Theatre & Ideas: The Ideas of Gender & Sexuality DT2406 Module
Theatre & Performance Making: Dance and Theatre DT2105 Module
Theatre & Performance-Making 2 DT2100 Module
Theatre & Text 2 DT2200 Module
Theatre & Text: Staging the Real DT2201 Module
Theatre and Culture 2: Games & Play DT2311 Module
Theatre and Culture 2: Performing Feminisms DT2308 Module
Theatre and Ideas 2 The Idea of Memory DT2416 Module
Theatre and Ideas 2: The Idea of Time DT2407 Module
Theatre and Performance Making 2: Physical Theatre DT2111 Module
Theatre and Performance Making: Playwriting DT2101 Module
Theatre Directing DT5121 Module
Theatre for Young Audiences DT2302 Module
Theatre, Magic and Witchcraft DT3115 Module
Writing Dance DT1930 Module

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