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Advanced Data Communications CS3580 Module
Advanced Distributed Systems CS5860 Module
Advanced distributed systems CS4860 Module
Algorithms and Complexity CS2860 Module
Algorithms and Complexity II CS2870 Module
Bioinformatics CS3110 Module
Business Intelligence Systems, Infrastructures and Technologies CS5504 Module
Compilers And Code Generation CS3470 Module
Computational Finance CS3930 Module
Computational Optimisation CS3490 Module
Computer Graphics CS2844 Module
Computing Laboratory (Games) CS1830 Module
Computing Laboratory (Robotics) CS1820 Module
Concurrent and Parallel Programming CS3750 Module
Data Analysis CS5100 Module
Data analytics and visualisation CS2845 Module
Data Visualisation and Exploratory Analysis CS3250 Module
Databases CS1850 Module
Databases CS2855 Module
Deferred Year in Industry CS4001 Module
Digital Audio and Applications CS3220 Module
Extramural Year CS3001 Module
Functional Programming and Applications CS3510 Module
Human-Computer Interaction CS2846 Module
Individual Project CS5821 Module
Individual Project for Year in Industry Students CS5822 Module
Information Security CS3760 Module
Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems CS3940 Module
Interconnected Devices CS5840 Module
Internet Services CS1840 Module
Introduction to Programming CS1803 Module
Large-Scale Data Storage and Processing CS5234 Module
Machine Fundamentals CS1870 Module
Machine Learning CS3920 Module
Mathematical Structures CS1860 Module
Object Oriented Programming CS1801 Module
Object-oriented Programming CS5800 Module
On-line Machine Learning CS5200 Module
Operating Systems CS2850 Module
Programming for Data Analysis CS5810 Module
Robotics CS2830 Module
Semantic Web CS3945 Module
Semantic Web CS5945 Module
Small Enterprise Team Project CS2815 Module
Software Design CS1890 Module
Software Development CS1802 Module
Software Engineering CS2800 Module
Software Engineering with Metamodels CS3480 Module
Software Verification CS3450 Module
Systems Programming CS2821 Module
Team Project CS2810 Module
Team Project in Artificial Intelligence CS2812 Module
Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks CS5870 Module
Advanced Algorithms and Complexity CS3870 Module
Advanced Data Communications CS4580 Module
Advanced Topics Seminar CS3010 Module
Business Intelligence Systems, Infrastrutures and Technolgies CS4504 Module
Computational Optimisation CS4490 Module
Computational Optimization CS5490 Module
Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) MSci Project CS4822 Module
Computer Science MSci Project CS4821 Module
Data Analysis CS4100 Module
Data Visualisation and Exploratory Analysis CS4250 Module
Databases CS5855 Module
Deep Learning CS5950 Module
Deep Learning CS4950 Module
Digital Audio Applications CS5220 Module
Ethical Issues in Advanced Computing and Artificial Intelligence CS5900 Module
Experimental Design CS5970 Module
Full Unit Project CS3821 Module
Fundamentals of Digital Sound and Music CS4220 Module
Half Unit Project CS3810 Module
Human Computer Interaction CS2847 Module
Human Computer Interaction CS3846 Module
Individual Project CS5826 Module
Individual Project CS5825 Module
Individual Project in Artificial Intelligence CS3822 Module
Information Security MSci Project IY4821 Module
Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems CS5940 Module
Internet Services (DMC only) CS2841 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS2910 Module
IT Project Management CS3003 Module
Large Scale Data Storage and Processing CS4234 Module
Machine Learning CS5920 Module
Machine Learning CS4920 Module
Mathematical Structures CS2865 Module
Methods of Bioinfomatics CS5110 Module
Methods of Computational Finance CS5930 Module
Methods of Computational Finance CS4930 Module
Multi Dimensional Data Processing CS2900 Module
Natural Language Processing CS4990 Module
Object Oriented Programming I CS1811 Module
Object Oriented Programming II CS1812 Module
On Line Machine Learning CS4200 Module
Programming Laboratory CS1822 Module
Programming Laboratory DC1821 Module
Programming Laboratory CS1821 Module
Semantic Web CS4945 Module
Software Design CS2890 Module
Software Development CS1813 Module
Team project in HCI (DMC) CS3811 Module
Visualisation and Exploratory Analysis CS5250 Module
Wireless sensor and Actuator Networks CS4870 Module

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