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A Social and Economic History of Rome CL5306 Module
Advanced Latin CL5120 Module
Alexander the Great (Taught Unit) CL3351 Module
Ancient Greek Emotions CL3449 Module
Ancient History: Methods and Approaches CL1575 Module
Ancient Literary Criticism CL3430 Module
Archaeology of Athens and Attica CL3194 Module
Aspects of Modern Greek Language and Culture CL2737 Module
Augustus CL3669 Module
Beginners' Greek CL1705 Module
Beginners' Latin CL1755 Module
Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy I CL2654 Module
Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy II CL3654 Module
Catullus and Horace CL2830 Module
Cities of God: Making the LAte Antique City CL5320 Module
City of Athens CL3284 Module
City of Rome CL5606 Module
City of Rome CL3188 Module
Classics and Cinema CL2445 Module
Culture And Identity From Nero To Hadrian (Taught Unit) CL3460 Module
Gender in Classical Antiquity CL2350 Module
Gender in classical antiquity CL3350 Module
Greek And Roman Art In Context CL2191 Module
Greek Drama CL2442 Module
Greek Erotic Poetry (Taught Unit) CL3432 Module
Greek Historiography CL2358 Module
Greek History & The City State CL1550 Module
Greek History from 403 to 322 CL2357 Module
Greek History to 404 CL2356 Module
Greek Language & Reading CL1726 Module
Greek Law and Lawcourts CL3353 Module
Greek Law And Lawcourts CL2353 Module
Greek Literature CL1530 Module
Greek Prose Composition CL3740 Module
Hadrian's Wall CL3189 Module
Hellenistic Epic: Apollonius of Rhodes CL2801 Module
Historiography of the Roman World CL2369 Module
Homer (In Translation) CL3436 Module
Homer’s Iliad – War Music CL5815 Module
Imperial Greek Literature CL2816 Module
Imperial Greek Poetry: epic & epigram CL2802 Module
Individual and Community CL1542 Module
Intensive Greek CL2705 Module
Intermediate Greek CL1715 Module
Intermediate Latin CL1765 Module
Introduction To Greek Archaeology CL1580 Module
Introduction To Roman Archaeology CL1581 Module
Key Themes in Roman History CL1560 Module
Latin Epic CL2827 Module
Latin Epigraphy CL5115 Module
Latin for Research 2 CL5765 Module
Latin Historiography CL2828 Module
Latin Language and Reading CL1776 Module
Latin Letters CL2831 Module
Latin Love Elegy CL2824 Module
Latin Prose Composition CL3790 Module
Life and Death in the Ancient Greek World CL2368 Module
Logic And Rhetoric CL2663 Module
Making the Classical Past: Myth, Politics, Philosophy and Poetics CL5800 Module
Materials And Methods In Classical Archaeology CL1582 Module
Nature & the Supernatural in Latin Literature CL3435 Module
Neoplatonism CL5669 Module
Ovid (In Translation) CL2443 Module
Ovid's Metamorphoses: Art and Power in Augustan Rome CL2448 Module
Perspectives on Roman Britain CL2462 Module
Philosophy under the Roman Empire CL3664 Module
Plato (In Greek) CL2815 Module
Plotinus CL5670 Module
Problems and Methods in Oratory and Rhetoric CL5051 Module
Religion and the Ancient Greeks CL3367 Module
Roman Life Stories CL3354 Module
Roman Literature of the Empire CL1534 Module
Roman Literature Of The Republic CL1533 Module
Roman Oratory CL3315 Module
Social and Economic History of the Roman Empire CL2365 Module
Sources And Methods In Ancient History (Federal M500) CL5300 Module
Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics CL3661 Module
Studying Ancient Myth CL3444 Module
Studying Classical Antiquity CL1570 Module
The Ancient Novel (Federal Cl5117) CL5010 Module
The Archaeology of Roman Near East CL3500 Module
The Archaeology of Water CL5192 Module
The Built Environment in Classical Antiquity CL2190 Module
The Cities of Classical Greece CL2197 Module
The Dialogues of Plato CL2653 Module
The Late Roman And Early Byzantine City CL5314 Module
The Rise of the Roman Empire: An Economic and Social History CL3371 Module
The Roman Novel CL3800 Module
The Roman Republic: A social and economic history CL3370 Module
Understanding Classical Myth CL2444 Module
Understanding Pompeii and Herculaneum CL3182 Module
Undertaking Research in Classics CL5950X Module
Virgil (In Translation) CL2438 Module
Virgil's Aeneid: the Empire in the Literary Imagination CL2488 Module
Who owns the Roman Past? CL5551 Module
Advanced Latin CL3760 Module
Advanced Latin B CL5121 Module
Alexander the Great: Texts, Contexts and Criticisms (MA Component) CL5351 Module
Contemporary Approaches to Latin Literature CL3440 Module
Dissertation in Classical Reception CL5801 Module
Extended Essay CL3200 Module
Food in the Ancient World CL3286 Course
From Dig to Digital: archaeological theory, methods and practice CL2194 Module
Greek History To 322 CL2352 Module
Homer (In Translation) CL2436 Module
Homer in Greek CL3811 Module
Homer in Greek CL2810 Module
Imperial Greek Literature CL3816 Module
Independent Project on Rhetoric 1 CL5052 Module
Independent Project on Rhetoric 2 CL5053 Module
Latin Epic CL3827 Module
Latin on the Edge CL2832 Module
Letters in Roman Literature CL5554 Module
MA Dissertation CL5000 Module
MRes Rhetoric Dissertation CL5050 Module
Second Year Project CL2201 Module
Tacitus and The Making of Empire CL3463 Module
Tacitus and The Making of Empire CL2463 Module
Tacitus on Being Roman CL2835 Module
The Architecture of Ancient Italy and Sicily CL2193 Module
The Greek Bronze Age CL2198 Module

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