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Marine Biology BS2001X Module
Marine Biology BS3001X Module
Animal Behaviour BS2140 Module
Applications of Genetic Engineering in Health and Disease BS3530O Module
Applications of Genetic Engineering in Health and Disease BS3530 Module
Applications Of Molecular Genetics In Biology BS2150 Module
Becoming a Bioscientist BS1021 Module
Behavioural Ecology BS3160 Module
Bioenergetics and Metabolism BS2510 Module
Biological Data Analysis and Interpretation BS2120 Module
Biology in a Changing World BS1041 Module
Biology of Parasitic Diseases BS3030 Module
Biology of Parasitic Diseases BS3030O Module
Biomes and Ecosystems BS1052 Module
Biotechnology in a Changing World BS3410 Module
Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer BS3540 Module
Cell And Molecular Neuroscience BS3580 Module
Cell and Molecular Neuroscience BS3580O Module
Cell Biology BS2040O Module
Cell Biology and the Origin of Life BS1071 Module
Cell Dynamics: Division and Movement BS2040 Module
Chemistry of Life BS1031 Module
Circadian Biology BS3230 Module
Climate Change: Plants and the Environment BS3190 Module
Clinical Diagnosis of Disease BS3600 Module
Clinical Physiology and Medicine BS3595 Module
Conservation Ecology in the Field BS3110 Module
Conservation Science BS3060 Module
Developmental Biology BS2060 Module
Dissertation BS2900 Module
Ecology and Conservation BS1051 Module
Evolution BS2160 Module
Evolutionary Ecology of Vertebrates BS3210 Module
Evolutionary Ecology of Vertebrates BS3210O Module
Evolutionary Medicine BS3240 Module
Extreme Animal Physiology BS3220 Module
Food Security, Sustainability and Green Biotechnology BS2020 Module
Foundation Practical Skills (Biological Sciences) BS0998 Module
Foundation Project (Biosciences) BS0999 Module
Functional Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics BS3560 Module
Fundamental Biochemistry BS1032 Module
Generic Research Skills BS5200 Module
Genetics BS1072 Module
Green Planet: Plants and Our Future BS1043 Module
Human Embryology BS3570 Module
Human Embryology and Endocrinology BS3570O Module
Human Physiology in Health and Disease (II) BS2050 Module
Immunology BS2540 Module
Individual Research Project BS3010 Module
Individual Research Project BS3010O Module
Introduction to Human Physiology in Health and Disease BS1062 Module
Introductory Animal Physiology BS1061 Module
Invertebrate Biology: Structure, Behaviour and Evolution BS2010 Module
Marine Biology BS2001 Module
Marine Ecology and Biodiversity BS3180 Module
Microbiology BS2005 Module
Molecular and Medical Microbiology BS3510 Module
Molecular and Medical Microbiology BS3510O Module
Molecular Basis of Inherited Disease BS3590 Module
Molecular Basis of Inherited Disease BS3590O Module
Molecular Biology BS2530 Module
Natural Product Biochemistry and Sustainability BS2580 Module
Neuronal and Cellular Signalling BS2550 Module
Nutrition and Medical Biochemistry BS3420 Module
Pharmacology and Toxicology BS2560 Module
Physical Biochemistry for Life Scientists BS2570 Module
Plant Biotic Interactions and Ecological Networks BS2090 Module
Population and Community Ecology BS3120 Module
Practical Field Ecology BS2110 Module
Protein Biochemistry and Enzymology BS1091 Module
Protein Structure and Function BS2520 Module
Seed Biology: From Molecular and Conservation Biology to Industrial Applications BS3520 Module
Special Study: Dissertation BS3020 Module
Tropical Rainforest Expedition BS3100 Module
Vertebrate Evolution and Diversity BS1042 Module
Year 1 Activity BS1000 Module
Year 2 Activity BS2000 Module
Year 3 Activity BS3000 Module
Year in Industry BS3900 Module

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