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Academic English Skills SG1012 Module
Academic English Skills SG3001 Module
Academic English Skills SG1023 Module
Accounting and Finance SG3013 Module
Advanced Mathematics for Economics SG3010 Module
Applied Economics and Policy SG1031 Module
Applied Mathematics SG1013 Module
Arts SG1000 Module
Business SG1003 Module
Communication, Cultures and Heritage SG3002 Module
Communications Engineering 1 Communications Engineering 1 SG1041 Module
Computational Mathematics SG3008 Module
Core Mathematics SG1006 Module
Creative Engineering Team Project 1 SG1040 Module
Criminology SG1010 Module
Data Skills for Economics SG1032 Module
Data Skills for Economics SG3011 Module
Economics SG3012 Module
Economics SG1004 Module
Electronic Circuits and Components SG1039 Module
Employability SG1035 Module
English Legal System SG1011 Module
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership SG3014 Module
Film and Media SG1001 Module
Financial Accounting SG1015 Module
Foundations in Digital Enterprise SG1016 Module
Global Politics SG1009 Module
Global Politics and International Relations SG3003 Module
International Business SG1017 Module
Internet Services SG1024 Module
Interpreting Management SG1018 Module
Machine Fundamentals SG1026 Module
Management First SG1019 Module
Marketing, Markets & Consumption SG1020 Module
Mathematics for Computer Science SG1025 Module
Mathematics for Economics SG1034 Module
Mathematics for Engineers 2 SG1037 Module
Mathematics for Engineers I SG1036 Module
Music SG1002 Module
Objected-Oriented Programming I SG1027 Module
Objected-Oriented Programming II SG1028 Module
Organisation Studies SG1021 Module
Physics SG1005 Module
Pre-Sessional English Language Programme (Eight Week) SG1312 Module
Pre-Sessional English Language Programme (Four Week) SG1311 Module
Pre-Sessional English Language Programme (Twelve Week) SG1313 Module
Principles of Economics SG1033 Module
Programming SG3009 Module
Programming in C++ SG1038 Module
Programming Laboratory SG1029 Module
Project Research Skills SG3006 Module
Psychology SG1007 Module
Pure Mathematics SG1014 Module
Quantitative Methods SG1022 Module
Research Project Skills SG3007 Module
Social Science SG3005 Module
Sociology SG1008 Module
Software Design SG1030 Module
Transnational Organised Crime SG3004 Module

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