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Advanced Topics in Philosophy PY5000 Module
Dissertation PY3001 Module
Epistemology and Metaphysics PY1101 Module
Intro to Logic PY1103 Module
Introduction to Aesthetics and Morals PY1106 Module
Introduction To Ancient Philosophy PY1541 Module
Introduction to European Philosophy 2: The Critique of Idealism PY2003 Module
Introduction to Modern Philosophy PY1002 Module
Introduction to Political Philosophy PY1104 Module
Legacies of Wittgenstein PY5004 Module
Mind and Consciousness PY1105 Module
Mind and World PY2002 Module
Modern European Philosophy 2: Critical Theory and Hermeneutics PY3003 Module
Modern French Philosophy PY3006 Module
Modern French Philosophy PY5003 Module
Modern French Philosophy PY2006 Module
Philosophy and the Arts PY2005 Module
Philosophy of Psychology PY2101 Module
Practical Ethics PY2102 Module
Recovering Reality PY3004 Module
Recovering Reality PY3007 Module
The European Trajectory: From Kant to the Present PY5002 Module
The Philosophy of Religion PY2105 Module
The Self and Others PY3005 Module
The Varieties of Scepticism PY2104 Module
The Varieties of Scepticism PY3104 Module
Tutorial Special Study PY1102 Module
Varieties of Scepticism: Hope, Desire and Tragedy PY2004 Module
Ancient Metaphysics PY3217 Module
Ancient Metaphysics PY2217 Module
Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy PY2654 Module
Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy PY3654 Module
Cultivation of the Self PY5009 Module
Hegel PY3206 Module
Hegel PY2206 Module
Major Thinker: Plato PY2107 Module
Major Thinker: Plato PY3107 Module
Medieval Philosophy PY2219 Module
Medieval Philosophy PY3219 Module
Phenomenology PY2207 Module
Phenomenology PY3207 Module
Philosophy and Literature PY2008 Module
Philosophy and Literature PY3108 Module
Philosophy and Literature PY3008 Module
Philosophy of Language PY3106 Module
Philosophy of Psychology PY3101 Module
Philosophy of Religion PY2106 Module
The Good Life in Ancient Philosophy PY2655 Module
The Good Life in Ancient Philosophy II PY3655 Module
Topics in Phenomenology PY3002 Module
Twentieth Century German Philosophy PY2201 Module
Twentieth Century German Philosophy PY3201 Module

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PY1202 Philosophical Methods Academic year 2020-2021 01/10/2020 09:05:44