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Advanced Cryptography IY5603 Module
Application and Business Security Developments IY5601 Module
Applications of Cryptography IY3660 Module
Computer and Network Security IY2840 Module
Computer Security (Operating Systems) IY5512 Module
Cyber Crime IY5605 Module
Cyber Security IY5612 Module
Database Security IY5604 Module
Digital Forensics IY5609 Module
Economics and Security IY5611 Module
Introduction to Cryptography and Security Mechanisms IY5502 Module
Introduction to Information Security IY2760 Module
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Electronic Commerce IY5521 Module
Malicious Software IY3840 Module
Network Security IY5511 Module
Project IY5500 Module
Secure Business Architectures IY5523 Module
Security Management IY5501 Module
Security Technologies IY5522 Module
Security Testing- Theory and Practice IY5610 Module
Smart Cards, Tokens, Security and Applications IY5606 Module
Software Security IY5607 Module
Standards and Evaluation Criteria IY5602 Module
17-18 MSc Information Security IYMSC Module
Academic Writing Skills for Information Security Students IYWRITINGSKILLS Module
Full Unit Project (Information Security) IY3821 Module
Human aspects on Security IY5613 Module
Introduction to Information Security IY5760 Module
Security Management IY3501 Module

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