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Name Code Type
Audit and Assurance AF2404 Module
Business Law AF1404 Module
Corporate Finance AF2403 Module
Financial Accounting AF1401 Module
Financial Reporting AF2401 Module
International Financial Accounting AF3408 Module
Introduction to Finance AF1403 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting AF1402 Module
Management Accounting for Performance and Decision Making AF2402 Module
Principles of UK Taxation AF2406 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting AF3401 Module
Communication and Impression Management AF3405 Module
Ethics for Accounting and Finance AF3409 Module
Finance AF3403 Module
Management Accounting for Strategic Analysis AF3402 Module
Quantitative Methods AF1406 Module

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AF1407: Professional Competencies (2018-19) Academic year 2018-2019 05/11/2018 12:27:46