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Critical Theories and Methodologies ML5002 Module
A Special Theme in the Novel: Transgression ML2205 Module
Boccaccio: Decameron ML2301 Module
Colonizers, Creoles and Exiles: Comparative Postcolonial Literature ML3209 Module
Critical and Comparative Approaches ML2207 Module
Deviance, Defiance and Disorder in Early Modern Spanish and French Literature ML2305 Module
Dissertation (European Literature and Cultural Studies) ML3201 Module
From Aestheticism to the Avant-Garde ML3202 Module
From Aestheticism to the Avant-Garde: Dissertation ML3302 Module
Gender and Clothing in Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture ML2403 Module
Histories of Representation ML2206 Module
Humans and Other Animals in Twenty-First Century Fiction and Thought ML3212 Module
International Film II: Readings and Representations ML2101 Module
International Film: Contexts and Practices ML1101 Module
Introduction to Literary Genre: Tragedy ML1205 Module
Introduction to Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century European Poetry ML2402 Module
Italian Art: Giotto to Arte Povera ML1230 Module
Optional Dissertation ML3208 Module
Reading Texts: Criticism for Comparative Literature ML1203 Module
Tales of the City: Introduction to Thematic Analysis ML1204 Module
The Gothic Mode in Spanish and English Fiction ML3204 Module
The Gothic Mode in Spanish and English Fiction: Dissertation ML3304 Module
Theories of Literature and Visual Culture ML5001 Module
Transnationalism, Diaspora and Globalisation in Contemporary Film ML3207 Module
Transnationalism, Diaspora and Globalisation in Contemporary Film: Dissertation ML3307 Module
Trends in Contemporary Theory ML3205 Module
Trends in Contemporary Theory: dissertation ML3305 Module
Visual Arts 1: Artists and their Materials ML1301 Module
Visual Arts 2: Genres and Movements ML2302 Module
Visual Arts Dissertation ML3211 Module
Advanced Translation: Professional Practice ML3400 Module
Comparative Literatures and Cultures ML3124 Module
Critical Analysis for Linguists ML1000 Module
Final-year International Film Dissertation ML3308 Module
Introduction to Translation: Professional Skills ML1400 Module
Modern Languages Additional Dissertation ML3002 Module
Modern Languages Dissertation ML3003 Module
Modern Languages Dissertation ML3001 Module
Questions of Translation and Transcultural Communication ML2400 Module
The Birth of Film ML1102 Module

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