1. General (whole course) 3 items
    1. Iconology: image, text, ideology - W. J. T. Mitchell 1987

      Book Recommended

    2. Image studies: theory and practice - Sunil Manghani, Dawsonera (electronic book)

      Book Recommended Also available as a print book.

    3. Image studies: Theory and practice - Sunil Manghani 2013

      Book Recommended Also available as an e-book.

  2. Apollinaire's Calligrammes 14 items
    1. Essential Core / Primary Text 3 items
      Any edition is fine. The one that is edited by Greet is a bilingual (French-English) version with plentiful annotations.
      1. Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War (1913-1916) - Guillaume Apollinaire, Anne Hyde Greet, S. I. Lockerbie 1980

        Book Suggested for Student Purchase This edition is a bilingual French-English version with plentiful annotations, notes, and a useful introduction. Other copies are also fine.

      2. Calligrammes: Poemes de la Paix et de la Guerre (1913-1916) - Guillaume Apollinaire 2012

        Book Essential = relatively recent French edition.

      3. Calligrammes: Poèmes De La Paix Et De La Guerre (1913-1916) - Guillaume Apollinaire 1925

        Book Essential = older French edition but also fine.

    2. Recommended and Further Reading 11 items
      1. Articles 4 items
      2. Print / Books 7 items
        1. Calligrammes de Guillaume Apollinaire - Claude Debon 2004

          Book Recommended Survey / Study Guide of 'Calligrammes' including chronology, commentary, context and critiques. Includes e.g. text of Apollinaire's lecture 'L'Esprit Nouveau', letters etc. Readable and useful.

        2. Apollinaire - Michel Decaudin 2002

          Book Further A general survey of Apollinaire's life and work. Includes a section on Calligrammes (chapter VII).

        3. Apollinaire, Cubism and Orphism - Adrian Hicken 2002

          Book Further Assessment of Apollinaire's role in promoting art movements of the early 20th C and analysis of his broader interests in visual arts.

        4. Apollinaire, La Poésie De Guerre: Voyage D'aventure Pour Poète Et Lecteur - Gilbert J. Jones 1990

          Book Recommended Dense but very useful analysis of war poems as well as key concepts.

        5. The Cubist Painters - Guillaume Apollinaire, Peter Read 2002

          Book Further English translation of Apollinaire's 'Les Peintres Cubistes' with commentary and notes.

        6. Apollinaire, Visual Poetry, and Art Criticism - Willard Bohn 1993

          Book Further Analysis of a series of poems composed in 1917 for an exhibition of paintings by Leopold Survage and Irene Lagut. Not directly related to 'Calligrammes' but sets out approach for visual poems.

        7. Apollinaire and the International Avant-garde - Willard Bohn 1997

          Book Further On the reception and influence of Apollinaire in North America, England, Germany, Spain, Argentina and Mexico. Definitely further reading i.e. context rather than directly relevant.

  3. Breton's Nadja 20 items
    1. Essential Core / Primary Text 3 items
      Any edition is fine.
      1. Nadja - Andre Breton, Michel Meyer 1998

        Book Suggested for Student Purchase French version - any edition fine - two (in library) listed here.

      2. Nadja - Andre Breton, Richard Howard 1960

        Book Suggested for Student Purchase English version / translation for students who do not read French.

      3. Nadja - Andre Breton 1963

        Book Essential French version - any edition fine - two (in library) listed here.

    2. Recommended and Further Reading 17 items
      1. On Nadja / the Surrealist novel 7 items
        1. Surrealist Collage in Text and Image: Dissecting the Exquisite Corpse - Elza Adamowicz 2005

          Book Recommended Includes references to 'Nadja'. Any edition fine - two in library (this and a 1998 edition).

        2. Surrealism: The Last Snapshot of the European Intelligentsia - Peter Walter Benjamin

          Chapter Recommended Relevant section = ‘Surrealism: the last snapshot of the European intelligentsia' pp. 207-221.

        3. Manifestes Du Surréalisme - Andre Breton 1965

          Book Recommended For Breton's theories. Any edition fine - two in library (this and a 1962 edition).

        4. Manifestoes of surrealism - Andre Breton 1972

          Book Recommended English version.

        5. Realism, Rationalism, Surrealism: art between the wars - Briony Fer, David Batchelor, Paul Wood 1993

          Book Recommended See: Bryony Fer, 'Breton's Nadja', pp. 183-9.

        6. Surrealism and the Novel - J. H. Matthews 1966

          Book Recommended

      2. Study Guides on Nadja 6 items
        1. Nadja, Andre Breton - Josette Barthe 2003

          Book Further

        2. Nadja D'andré Breton: Premières Leçons - Jean-Louis Ferrignaud 2002

          Book Further

        3. Andre Breton, Nadja - Etienne-Alain Hubert 2002

          Book Further

        4. "Nadja", André Breton, Analyse Critique - Robert A. Jouanny 1972

          Book Further

        5. André Breton, Nadja - Roger Navarri 1994

          Book Further

      3. On the Novel / On Surrealism in general 4 items
        1. Manifesto: A Century of Isms - Mary Ann Caws 2001

          Book Further

        2. Aspects of the Novel - E. M. Forster, Oliver Stallybrass 2000

          Book Further On the novel in the early 20th C. Any edition fine - multiple in library

        3. Dada and Surrealism: A Very Short Introduction - David Hopkins, MyiLibrary 2004 (electronic book)

          Book Further

        4. Dada and Surrealism - David Hopkins 2004

          Book Further

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