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  1. Yo! We're going back to a time when girl power ruled and David Beckham was top of his game. A time when everyone was going crazy for pogs, and all the cool kids had a Gameboy, not an iPhone. That's right - the 90s! 

  2. To get there, you're gonna need a pretty fly time machine 4 items
    Check out these dope resources to get you started:
    1. The Time Machine - H. G. Wells 2007

      Book Essential Here's a classic book on time travel. Click on the title to see where you can find it in the library.

    2. The Time Machine - H. G. Wells 1895 (electronic book)

      Book Essential Get out of Windows 95 and into ebooks! Click the blue icon to read the book online.

    3. How to Go Back in Time - M. D. Lemonick 1991

      Article Essential

  3. Now you've decided when to go, better make sure you blend in. Know your era: 38 items
    1. The News: 10 items
      1. Get the 411 and swot up on all the biggest events of the decade. Use the library's e-resources to get access to articles and archived newspaper content:

      2. RHUL Libguides

        Webpage Essential Librarians + the Internet make everything better! Find out all you need to know about accessing library e-resources on and off campus.

      3. Or, get started with these news stories:

      4. A Great Historical Moment: The Mandela Triumph and Opportunity - George W. Shepherd 1990

        Article Recommended The decade got off to a great start when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Read some coverage from the time by clicking the 'Online Resource' button.

      5. OJ Verdict Stuns US: Acquittal Could Bring White Backlash and Changes to Law - Christopher Reed, Mark Tran 1995

        Article Recommended Things kind of went downhill mid-decade...

      6. From People Power to Mass Hysteria: Media and Popular Reactions to the Death of Princess Diana - J. Thomas 2008

        Article Recommended The nation mourned when Princess Diana died in 1997...

      7. President Is Impeached and Faces Trial in the Senate, the Second One in History - Alison Mitchell 1998

        Article Recommended And things didn't get any better

      8. Major Crushed as Labour Landslide Buries the Tories - David Hughes 1997

        Article Recommended Then in 1997 a couple of guys came along that lifted the mood - Tony Blair won a landslide victory and ended 18 years of Conservative rule (it was all good, just don't read anything after 2001)...

      9. The Rise and Rise of Harry Potter - Nicholas Tucker 1999

        Article Recommended And the first Harry Potter book was released, launching a cultural phenomenon. What a time to be alive!

      10. Y2K: The Moment of Truth - Ron Chepesiuk 1999

        Article Recommended At the end of the Millennium everyone went crazy over the Millennium Bug. Click on the 'Online Resource' button to see how that worked out for us.

    2. TV and Movies: 14 items
      1. Long before Breaking Bad and The Great British Bake Off there was Friends and The X-Files. You'll need to be up to date on all the TV shows and movies of the decade. Luckily you can use some of our resources (Box of Broadcasts) to catch up on all the 90s-tastic programming!

      2. BoB

        Audio-visual document Essential Imagine every video in your local Blockbuster available to watch instantly. That's the power of Box of Broadcasts!

      3. Or find them in the library:

      4. Twin Peaks - David Lynch 1991

        Audio-visual document Recommended You don't have to wait for your Twin Peaks fix - the original series is available to rent from the library.

      5. The X-Files: Complete First Season - David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson 1994

        Audio-visual document Recommended Follow Mulder and Scully as they uncover government conspiracies and fight monsters...

      6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 1 - Charles Martin Smith, Sarah Michelle Gellar 1997

        Audio-visual document Recommended ... Or get familiar with another monster hunter, and watch Buffy.

      7. Friends: The Complete Series 4 - Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow 1998

        Audio-visual document Recommended Hang out with Phoebe and Chandler at Central Perk...

      8. Jurassic Park - Steven Spielberg 1993

        Audio-visual document Recommended Or watch Ross' favourite film.

      9. Forrest Gump - Robert Zemeckis 1994

        Audio-visual document Recommended

      10. Clueless - Amy Heckerling 1995

        Audio-visual document Recommended Need to know all the lingo? As if! Watch Clueless and you'll be in with all the cool kids in no time.

      11. Titanic - James Cameron 1997

        Audio-visual document Recommended Watch the movie that broke a thousand teen hearts and won a record-tying 11 Oscars.

      12. Scream - Wes Craven 1997

        Audio-visual document Recommended

      13. Saving Private Ryan - Steven Spielberg 1998

        Audio-visual document Recommended

    3. Music: 9 items
      1. Reading Lists can also connect you to web resources outside of the library's collections. Follow the links to listen to all of the hottest hits of the decade:

      2. Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavarotti

        Audio document Further The 1990 World Cup was England's best performance since 1966. Listen to the rousing soundtrack to the tournament sung by Pavarotti via Naxos - a brilliant tool for free to listen to classical music.

      3. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 1991

        Audio-visual document Further ... Or for something completely different, get into grunge.

      4. Back for Good - Take That 1995

        Audio-visual document Further Pick a side in the biggest music feud of the decade. Robbie Williams...

      5. Wonderwall - Oasis 1995

        Audio-visual document Further ... Or Oasis? Watch some of their hits by clicking on the 'Online Resource' button.

      6. Wannabe - Spice Girls 1996

        Audio-visual document Essential Listen to the Spice Girls and learn all about girl power

      7. Barbie Girl - Aqua 1997

        Audio-visual document Further

      8. No Scrubs - TLC 1999

        Audio-visual document Further A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly... make sure you're no scrub and listen to some TLC.

      9. ...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears 1999

        Audio-visual document Further Britney's first single was released in 1999 - watch the iconic music video that launched her career

    4. The Web: 4 items
      1. Follow the links to explore the World Wide Web... but make sure you're offline before midnight on 31/12/99 to avoid the Millenium Bug!

      2. Space Jam

        Webpage Further Check out one of the most high-tech websites of 1996 by clicking the 'Online Resource' button.

      3. Internet Explorer is EVIL!

        Webpage Further View with Internet Explorer for an authentic 90s experience.

      4. The Ultimate '90s Nostalgia Quiz - Buzzfeed

        Webpage Essential Now you're reaching the end of your whirlwind tour, check what you've learned on your travels with the ultimate quiz.

  4. Back in the 21st Century... 3 items
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